Two-dimensional thermographic phosphor thermometry in a cryogenic environment

Cai, T., Kim, D., Kim, M., Liu, Y. Z., & Kim, K. C.

Measurement Science and Technology 28.1 (2016): 015201.

In this study, lifetime-based thermographic phosphor thermometry was developed for 2D temperature measurements in a cryogenic temperature environment. A chamber was set up to provide such an environment with temperatures of 300–110 K and accuracy of  ±3.5 K. Mg4FGeO6:Mn was used as a sensor material, which was excited by a pulsed UV LED. A high-speed camera with a frequency of 8000 Hz was used for the phosphor thermometry. Calibration was performed at temperatures ranging from 110 to 290 K. The calibration results clearly show variation in the lifetime at different temperatures, and the calibration error is within 1.7%. This measurement is demonstrated in a 2D temperature measurement of an aluminum plate with a heater for both steady and unsteady heat transfer conditions. The measurement results were compared with thermocouple measurements to validate the method.


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