Chromatin ImmunoPrecipitation (ChIP) assays service

The protein-DNA interaction is of great importance for many cellular functions such as replication, transcription, cell cycle progression, recombination, DNA repair, genomic stability, and epigenetic silencing. Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) is one of the most valuable experimental technique used to investigate the protein-DNA interaction and the chromatin organization at the cellular level. It aims to determine whether the target proteins are associated with specific DNA locus in the cells, and also provide the information of distribution of the target protein or modified histone in the whole genome. The workflow of ChIP assy is shown as below:


Application of CHIP Assays Service

CHIP is a common method to study transcription factor binding sites or protein modification sites. With the development of NGS, chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing (CHIP-Seq), which combines CHIP and NGS, can now efficiently and accurately screen and identify protein binding sites on the whole chromosome. CHIP also aims to determine the specific location of various histone modifications in the genome and to indicate the goal of histone modification.

Our Services

BOC Sciences is the leading industry in chemical ligands, antibody engineering and cellular technologies, providing package services for comprehensive experimental design, operation and data analysis in ChIP assay. Below is a list of our services (including but not limit following):

  • Crosslinked ChIP or native ChIP service.
  • Comparison of protein-DNA interactions among various human cell lines.
  • Histone markers’ distribution in various mammalian cell lines.
  • Pharmacological investigation by ChIP assays.
  • Drug screening by ChIP assays.
  • ChIP assays coupled with qPCR or NGS and professional data analysis.

Why choose BOC Sciences?

BOC Sciences is a professional ChIP service provider that provides comprehensive ChIP solutions. You can simply provide us with samples of your cells or tissues. Our scientists team with over a decade of experience in molecular biology and cellular biology will facilitate your research or industrial projects on drug discovery and molecular mechanism based on protein-DNA interaction.

  • Expertise on ChIP technology.
  • Package service for your pharmacological research by ChIP assays.
  • Dozens of mammalian cell lines available in lab.
  • More than 3,000 chemical compounds reserved for drug treatments and screening.

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