Drug Discovery

Inventively progress the success of your compound through BOC Sciences.

Based on a deep history of strong scientific expertise, BOC Sciences’ discovery & development solutions provide a customized package of services you require at the right time and in the right place across the entire spectrum of the drug discovery process. Our discovery & development solutions capabilities include comprehensive scientific solutions from design to execution for early drug discovery to investigational new drug enabling studies.

BOC Sciences’ core competencies in the area drug discovery include biology, chemistry and pharmaceutical development. In the area of biology, BOC Sciences’ expertise includes drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, natural products, in vitro biology and pharmacology, reagents and assay development. In the area of chemistry, BOC Sciences has expertise in library design and custom synthesis, chiral synthesis, medicinal chemistry, and process R&D. In the area of pharmaceutical development, BOC Sciences’ services include years of experience with process R&D, pre-formulation and material science, formulation development and manufacturing, separations, and regulatory support and quality assurance.

Drug Discovery

Through state-of-the-art techniques, BOC Sciencesis investigating the drug candidates with the following properties:

-> Lead Criteria Proof of concept in a relevant therapeutic or mechanistic animal model;
-> Clear Mode of Action, as well as sufficient potency and selectivity;
-> Clear Structure and Activity Relationship (SAR) and potential for further optimization;
-> Appropriate physicochemical, biopharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic properties (SPR);
-> Clear strategy for further optimization of the compound properties in the lead optimization phase;
-> Intellectual property secured through initial patent applications or clear strategy to achieve Freedom to Operate.