Chiral separation of (±)-methamphetamine racemate using molecularly imprinted sulfonic acid functionalized resin

Alatawi, R. A., Monier, M., & Elsayed, N. H.

Journal of colloid and interface science 531 (2018): 654-663.

In the present study, a sulfonic acid functionalized enantio-selective resinous material was developed for effective chiral separation of (±)-methamphetamine racemate. R-methamphetamine-sulfonamide phenolic derivative was first prepared and fully characterized utilizing instrumental and spectroscopic techniques, then the sulfonamide was implemented in an acid catalyzed condensation copolymerization with phenol and formaldehyde. The resulted resinous material was then exposed to successive alkaline and acidic treatments in order to remove the R-methamphetamine enantiomer out of the resin matrix and obtaining the molecularly imprinted enantio-selective material, which was also investigated by scanning electron microscope, FTIR and XPS spectroscopy. The maximum selective extraction of the R-methamphetamine enantiomer was achieved at pH 7. The adsorption isotherms indicated an adsorption capacity of 233 ± 1 mg/g and followed the well-known Langmuir model. Also, the enantio-separation experiment of the racemic mixture was performed by column technique and both the supernatant loading and the eluant recovery solutions indicated an enantiomeric excess of 80% and 67% related to S- and R-methamphetamine, respectively.


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