Unusual Crystal Growth Kinetics of (RS)-Ibuprofen from Ethanolic Solutions

Chaisongkram, N., Maosoongnern, S., & Flood, A. E.

Chemical Engineering & Technology 42.7 (2019): 1519-1524.

The solubility, secondary nucleation threshold, and growth kinetics of (RS)-ibuprofen have been studied in an aqueous ethanol solvent. The metastable zone for secondary nucleation is very narrow at lower temperatures in this range, but greatly enlarged at higher temperatures. The crystal growth kinetics not only display significant dispersion of growth rates, but also a dead zone that is dependent on the growth rates of the crystals. Faster growing crystals display almost no dead zone, whereas the smallest crystals have a large dead zone. The size of the dead zone is largely responsible for the dispersion of crystal growth rates, perhaps due to differences in the thermodynamic stability of the different crystals. The mechanism of growth rate dispersion relates to that of the dead zone.

Unusual Crystal Growth Kinetics of (RS)-Ibuprofen from Ethanolic Solutions

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