Band engineering by controlling vdW epitaxy growth mode in 2D gallium chalcogenides

Cai, H., Soignard, E., Ataca, C., Chen, B., Ko, C., Aoki, T., & Ogletree, F. D.

Advanced Materials 28.34 (2016): 7375-7382.

Atomically thin quasi-2D GaSe flakes are synthesized via van der Waals (vdW) epitaxy on a polar Si (111) surface. The bandgap is continuously tuned from its commonly accepted value at 620 down to the 700 nm range, only attained previously by alloying Te into GaSe (GaSexTe1-x). This is accomplished by manipulating various vdW epitaxy kinetic factors, which allows the choice bet ween screw-dislocation-driven and layer-bylayer growth, and the design of different morphologies with different material-substrate interaction (strain) energies.

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