Oligostilbenoids in Vitis vinifera L. Pinot Noir grape cane extract: Isolation, characterization, in vitro antioxidant capacity and anti-proliferative effect on cancer cells

Sáez, V., Pastene, E., Vergara, C., Mardones, C., Hermosín-Gutiérrez, I., Gómez-Alonso, S., & von Baer, D.

Food chemistry 265 (2018): 101-110.

The following oligostilbenoids were isolated from extracts of Vitis vinifera L. Pinot Noir grape canes produced at a pilot-plant scale: (E)-ε-viniferin, (E)-resveratrol, (E)-piceatannol, ampelopsin A, vitisin B, pallidol, (E)-δ-viniferin, (E)-ω-viniferin, (E)-trans-cis-miyabenol C, isorhapontigenin, scirpusin A, and a new isomer named isoscirpusin A. The antioxidant capacity of the isolated stilbenoids was studied by three different assays, and their 50% inhibition concentration (IC50) against cancer cells was determined by MTT reduction assay. Besides (E)-resveratrol, stilbenoids have outstanding antioxidant capacity in the ORAC-FL assay. The strongest antiproliferative effect was observed for (E)-piceatannol and ampelopsin A against the bladder cancer cell line J82. (E)-Piceatannol has inhibitory effect on human lung cancer SK-MES-1 cells. Moreover, the whole extract has antiproliferative effect on all tested cell lines. In conclusion, beside (E)-resveratrol, grape cane extract contains oligostilbenoids with potential health benefits. This underexploited viticultural residue has the potential to produce valuable phytochemicals or ingredients in functional foods.


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