Chemical surface modification of lignin particle and its application as filler in the polypropylene composites

Yeo, J. S., Seong, D. W., & Hwang, S. H.

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 31 (2015): 80-85.

The pristine lignin was chemically modified by hydrolysis condensation reaction using (3-aminopropyl) triethoxysilane and then was subsequently treated with polypropylene-graft-maleic anhydride to give MAPP anchored lignin (MAPP-a-Lignin). The modified lignin particles prepared at each steps were characterized by FT-IR, SEM-EDX and XPS measurements. Polypropylene composites with MAPP-a-Lignin were prepared through melt-blending method. In this work, the effects of content of MAPP-a-Lignin on the properties of the polypropylene composites were investigated. From the results of mechanical properties, melting/crystallization behaviors and the morphologies of the composites, it was found that there was a stronger interfacial interaction between MAPP-a-Lignin and polypropylene in the composites.

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