The Mechanism of Aging May Be Found By Scientists

Anti-aging has long been a research and study subject, but few breakthrough has been made since no original reason was found for this normal body change with age increasing. Recently scientists from TSRI may find the underlying reason for aging diseases.

In general, with aging, the ability of producing new immune cells will be obstructed, and then the protective ability from immune system will be furtherly crippled. As a result aging people will be with more risk for various infections. The research found that aging problems were indirectly caused by T lymphocytes from thymus. T lymphocytes are a type of important immune cells, and they have to be replaced to a certain level after the ones out of function or dying. Only in this way can they continuously perform the protective ability as immune cells.

Thymus begins to lose its function at a very young adulthood, which suggested the mechanism of the connection between immune function and antioxidants for the first time, though it has been applied into the anti-aging treatment for a long time.

In the research, scientists deplored two critical types of cells from thymus, stromal and lymphoid cells by setting a computational model in mouse tissues for that they share some commons in function and mechanism.

The research found that there are few presences of stromal cells after the application of catalase, an antioxidant enzyme, but with an increased level of active oxygen. To prove the role catalase, scientists apply it into genetically modified mice tissues and found that the size of thymus can be kept for a longer time and ages more slowly. By giving animals other types of antioxidants, same phenomenon can be detected.

The finding also gives anti-evidence for research result that sex hormone androgens, like testosterone matters in anti-aging process, as actually it can’t slow the aging of thymus.

The discovery of fundamental reason for aging can be a milestone on the way approaching method for a slow aging life. In other words this finding can contribute to many aging diseases treatment and even make it possible to protect people from getting ill caused by decreased immune ability. It’s of great significance.

After finding out the original reason for aging, researches for related drugs and other medication measures will be conducted and the era for a slow aging will come in years, since a way makes the people out of the suffering from weak immune ability and illness caused by aging is needed urgently by the whole human kind.