Vitamin C can be Helpful in Improving Blood Vessel Constriction

Latest study on vitamin C shows that it can play a positive role in improving blood vessel constriction with almost equal effect as walking. In the study, the exercise of a protein which is the main factor of blood vessel constriction was compared with the effect of vitamin C  on blood vessel constriction.

The protein, named as endothelin-1, works on small blood vessel to constrict them. In total 35 people who are obese or overweight participated in the study to be observed for the activity of endothelin-1 under the working of vitamin C. The study was led by Caitlin Dow from University of Colorado, and the result is presented in the 14th International Conference of Endothelin.

Generally, endothelin-1 is more active in obese or overweight body condition. With the protein, small blood vessels are more likely to constrict and less active in response to blood flow, which may lead to vascular disease.

It was early known that Vitamin C is good to vascular conditions but never the reason. Scientists connected the two factors and new finding was made. The research result shows that daily supplements of Vitamin C can reduce the activity of endothelin-1, in other words can help to prevent blood vessels from constricting to some degree.

In the study, the 35 participants are grouped into two teams, one with 20 people, and the other with 15. The 20 member team took a 500mg one time daily amount Vitamin C for a period of three month, which the other team did walking exercise.

Then the forearm blood flow and related indicators of endothelin-1 were measured before as well as after the intake and exercise. It found that the constriction situation was improved and Vasoconstriction to endothelin-1s increased to a similar degree in two means.

Thus a daily intake of Vitamin C can be a preventive action for vascular condition if it’s necessary. Besides, previous researches showed that Vitamin C can be also used to decrease physical stress for athletes and the risk for exercise related asthma. With so many benefits, Vitamin C should be absorbed also in the daily food people eat like vegetables and fruits. And for medical use, Vitamin C supplements can be applied better under the instruction of doctors.