New Vitamin D Formulation For Prescription Only Launched

A new formulation of vitamin D was approved by the MHRA( Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, a correspondence of FDA in the USA ) in the UK. But the new type of vitamin D can be only available for prescription different greatly from its usual practice.

The new formulation  Fultium-D3 Drops is used for the treatment and prevention of vitamin D deficiency especially in children under five, pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding their babies. The formulation was designed to meet the common vitamin D deficiency among the populace in the UK where about 24% people are affected by such deficiency.

An online survey results showed that many mothers have lame understanding of the symptoms caused by Vitamin D deficiency and have no idea about the daily intake amount. What’s more serious is that a great majority of mothers have their children taken the vitamin D without the prescription of doctors. The situation may be commonly exists in many other countries outside the UK.

The harmfulness from over intake of vitamin D can’t be too much estimated as it’s showed by scientific researches that over vitamin D intake can lead to kidney failure. At the same time vitamin deficiency in children under five and pregnant women can’t be ignored for that it can trigger ricket in children and mothers who lack vitamin D will directly influence their babies. Besides vitamin D hard to gain from daily food plays a vital role in the calcium absorption which connected with bones and teeth development.

Moreover, other vitamin and supplements that people can self prescribe and get from regular drugstore should be taken as the doctors’ advice, or in a long term the side effect will appear with no recognition. The new formulation of vitamin D with prescription permission can prevent people from over having it and help change people’s habit of treating all supplements as dietary.

Furtherly, drug design institute should pay attention to the formulation process to avoid the adverse effect after people overly take such supplements.