The Latest Top Five Most Influential Scientific Journals

A journal’s impact factor is an indicator of the frequency that its articles being cited in a particular year, and a very important parameter people will refer to when find citing material for their writings, whilst it can present the comprehensive quality of a journal.

The top five most influential scientific journals are of high influence in their fields and do be cited with top frequency recently. The top ones are mainly concentrate in chemistry and biotechnology area. With 54.420 impact factor, New England Journal of Medicine ranks first in the board, which accords with its status as one of the oldest continuously published journals. New England Journal of Medicine is a quarterly issued journal and it was established early in 1811, then officially published in 1812.

Chemical Reviews ranks second with a 45.661 impact factor, compared with its correspondence in 2014, the value of the indicator declined by about 0.1. Up to present of 2015, there are 281 articles published in Chemical Reviews and all these article have created 137,600 citation in the past half year, which is very incredible as a scientific journal.

Out of expectation, Nature ranks only at the third place at present with 42.351 impact factor, though it got increase in the factor referring to the one in 2014, which to some degree means that there is a general increase as for the factor that we take into consider for the comprehensive quality of a journal.

Nature was closely followed by the Nature Biotechnology and Nature Reviews Cancer( they are in the same publishing group with Nature). And the impact factor of the two separately are 39.080 and 37.912. Both present a little lag behind their performance in last year, but there is still half year for them to chase up. And it seems that there will be a better performance according to their present trend.

A big difference is presented in impact factor between the journals rank out of top five, only several of them are beyond 30. Big changes may appear in the next half year and then change the overall rank.

Continuous track report will be found at this site to inform the changes happen to scientific journals’ impact and related factors as the article review time and the average success ratio of publishing and etc.