Uric Acid May Bring Benefits to Female Stroke

A set of guideline for precaution of stroke in women was issued recently, which is to reduce the total death rate caused by this disease in women who have stroke has been reached 60%. In the United States alone, there are about 795,000 people suffer from stroke every year, among which are 55,000 more women than men.

Under the background of the stroke situation in women, researches are carried out to find ways for alleviation. Recently, scientists find that uric acid may help during the process of recovering from stroke.

Stroke brings great damage even disability to patients in both mental and physical health. The recovering process is vital for a complete rehabilitation, and also it’s one of the hardest step to bear and persist. New findings are connected to stroke treatment in reducing the reappearing rate.

Angel Chamorro, PhD, the director of a comprehensive stroke center in Spain, and also the director of the research made the new finding, with the cooperation of his colleagues, analyzed the data gained from a trial carried out earlier in the year of 2014 at the stroke center they are working in. The trail involved 411 patients who made enrollment in the hospital for stroke, and there were 205 men and 206 women in the study.

Half of both gender were given placebo or uric acid treatment in the way of intravenous infusion to remove clots which were the origin of stroke at a random. The drug amount was set as 1000mg, a reasonable quantity for their conditions. The trail lasted for several months, but there were no obvious improvement or damage to their stroke condition was found at the time. In the later analysis, Dr. Chamorro and his team found that changes actually happened after three months of the stroke they had.

As high as 42% women who were treated with uric acid during the trail were exempted from disability after the stroke, whilst, the corresponding rate of the women who received placebo as reference drug is 29%. Furtherly, comparing the performance between women and men who had taken uric acid during the recovering process, huge difference is presented. Women got less risk for the problems caused by lack of blood supply, while man shows no improvement in any aspect after the taking of uric acid.

In some type of strokes, once the clot is removed, oxygen along with harmful substances like free radicals will come into brain. These radicals will bring harm to tissue in the surrounding area. In later studies, it’s found that high dosage of uric acid can counteract the influence resulted from free radicals. However, high level of uric acid may lead to problems like kidney stones, thus it should be weighed to use uric acid for the treatment of sequela of stroke.
The new finding shed light into a more beneficial treatment for strokes happening in women, and in the later stages, experiments will be held to prove the analysis and then into a drug design phase.