The List of Scientific Journals With High Impact In Their Fields For the First Two Quarters In 2015

Impact factor is a measure presenting the citation frequency of articles in a journal. It can be used to judge a journal’s quality level from one aspect, and it’s one of the most important indicator writers will refer to when they need to cite. The following journals and their impact factors listed are their performance in articles citation for the last half year.


Name of Journals Impact Factor
New England Journal of Medicine 54.420
Chemical Reviews 45.661
Nature 42.351
Nature Biotechnology 39.080
Nature Reviews Cancer 37.912
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 36.458
Nature Materials 36.425
Nature Reviews Immunology 33.836
The Lancet 33.630
Nature Nanotechnology 33.265
Cell 33.116
Science 31.477
Nature Reviews Neuroscience 31.376
Abstracts of Papers – American Chemical Society 31.000
JAMA – Journal of the American Medical Association 30.000
Nature Genetics 29.648
Nature Medicine 28.054
Nature Methods 25.953
Accounts of Chemical Research 24.348
Nature Reviews Microbiology 23.317
Immunity 19.748
Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology 18.523
Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 16.909
Cell Metabolism 16.747
Annual Review of Medicine 15.478
Advanced Materials 15.409
Journal of the American College of Cardiology 15.343
Molecular Psychiatry 15.147
Nature Neuroscience 14.976
Annual Review of Physiology 14.696
Molecular Cell 14.464
Molecular Biology Evolution 14.308
Journal of the National Cancer Institute 14.069
PLoS Medicine 14.000
Gastroenterology 13.926
FEMS Microbiology Reviews 13.806
Journal of Clinical Investigation 13.765
Trends in Plant Science 13.479
Ecology Letters 13.042
Annual Review of Entomology 13.021
Progress in Lipid Research 12.963
Nano Letters 12.940
Molecular Interventions 12.134
ACS Nano 12.033
Trends in Immunology 12.031
American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 11.986
Annals of Neurology 11.910
Journal of the American Chemical Society 11.444
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 11.336
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 11.248
Hepatology 11.190
Circulation Research 11.089
American Journal of Human Genetics 10.987
EMBO Reports 10.748
The Plant Cell 10.648
Genome Biology 10.465
Reviews of Geophysics 10.400
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) 10.283
Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences 10.188
Trends in Biotechnology 10.040