Synthesis Can Make the Cost of Producing Bioproduct Cheaper

A French company, Proveprep, produced bioactive homodimer by the way of synthesis, which was often made by in vivo methods involving complicated facilities and processes. The success of recombinant synthesis will provide a reference for other protein and peptides synthesis.

The traditional way of preparing protein and peptides is by organism, and being time and money consuming is the main obstacle of the method. Besides an ideal final product depends on many other factors, even a minor difference may lead to an unsatisfactory result.


Proveprep experienced the huge benefits of producing bio-compound, and concluded the advantages as follows.

First and foremost, cost effective. Organic Chemistry synthesis will only cost about 10% of the total expense that the in vivo way does as the facilities and equipment needed by bioproduction are expensive usually costing about 100 to 200 million dollars for a set; however the cost for chemistry synthesis facilities takes roughly 15 to 20 million dollars. With the synthesis way of making bioactive protein and peptides, huge sum money on the budget can be saved and many more things can be done with the money.

Secondly, final products made by synthesis way are with a higher purity than the bio-method for that bioactivities of organism will result in probably several substances, which can be avoided by designing the process of synthesis.

Moreover, synthesis result can be duplicated at ease; however, which is hard to be achieved by bioproduction since too many uncontrollable factors being in the whole process. From the perspective of researches and studies, synthesis way of making protein and peptides will be an ideal alternative to the traditional way. There are also many other benefits..

But the fact is that synthesis of bioproducts is still in the very first stage, no many experiences can be provided, and many things need to be studied from the ground base. Proveprep is undergoing another try to probe more possibilities of chemistry synthesis in producing bioproducts.

With the advantages of chemistry synthesis in various aspects, it will gradually be applied in the preparation of bioproducts like protein and peptides with better results and finally become a common practice.

Chemical synthesis of IL-10 cytokine 90% cheaper than bioproduction, Provepep, By Dan Stanton