Substance from Garlic Is Potential for the Treatment of Urinary Tract Infections

It’s common sense that garlic can help prevent some bacteria from nourishing in human bodies. And It has been used as a preventive drug for thousands of years. In modern times, garlic is considered with more potential for many diseases. In 2004, studies discovered that eating garlic frequently can contribute to a lower risk of stomach cancer. In recent years, garlic is found with more potential for various diseases as it can help protect bodies from getting common cold.

In the newest studies, it’s identified that the substances from garlic can fight with the bacterial pathogens which carry with high drug resistance for types of medicines and can lead to urinary tract infections (UTI).

Scientists from India have long been going into the subject that how effective garlic will be in the process of battling with bacterial pathogens that bring a high risk for UTI. Scientists found out the key substance that matters against with the bacteria was allicin, responsible for the special smell of garlic. Allicin is also the function substance in garlic for many other medical uses like the killer of anti-microbial resistance, including its usage against the UTI related bacteria.

In related studies, scientists found that up to 56% even higher of the 166 types of bacteria identified in urine infection are resistant to common antibiotic drugs. The number is out of expectation as it means that there is a high risk for urinary tract infection, which is quite often happened to people and with great pain.

The research will go on to probe the matters about urinary tract infection and to invent the allicin contained drugs dealing with the common disease to save people from suffering from urine caused diseases. Moreover, it’s planed that new studies will be carried out to find out what’s the most effective way of allicin combating with various bacteria and how does it go into the bodies. The drug may be in the form of supplements as UTI frequently appears, or some other form with a same aim of prevention and quick recovery.

With the findings of the research, the idea that urine is sterile and won’t cause any disease to our body, which is commonly implanted into people’s mind, will be corrected. Besides, the research results make the common people know more about UTI.

The substance traditionally used to prevent and treat diseases is of significance to be studied in a scientific way. Such studies may bring new breakthrough to the medication development. Besides, they can help the public to know more the life science and do better in the daily lives.