David Baltimore-Nobel Laureate of 1975 in Medicine Will Give a Keynote Speech about HIV Cure in August

David Baltimore will be the keynote presenter, on the 2015 Conference on Cell and Gene Therapy for HIV Cure held by Fred Hutch a cancer research center. As a Nobel Laureate, Baltimore has achieved many accomplishments in biology and chemistry, virology and immunology, HIV treatment and cancer cure. That’s why he is chosen as the speaker on the important upcoming conference.

In addition to the Nobel Prize, David also gained a lot of other prizes in his professional area, which covers a wide range. Baltimore found the way that how retroviruses replicated themselves-an exclusively vital finding for the development of HIV treatment. After Baltimore’s discovery, it took only a decade to find that HIV was the fundamental reason of AIDS, which can be considered as a milestone on the road of finding a cure way for HIV.

Baltimore’s speech on the conference will be made with his own rich experiences in other fields that connect with HIV cure with the combination of his own earlier research fruits and interpretation of HIV, besides Baltimore still works actively in cancer researches. Thus the answer for the question that is it appropriate for Baltimore to speak at the HIV cure conference to be conducted at a cancer center is definitely yes.

Some scientists also made remarks as for the question mentioned above that may be raised among the public. One said Baltimore has made so many achievements in the development of several disease treatments, which for many scientists wanted to accomplish just one in their whole life.

Journalist from Fred Hutch cancer center interviewed David Baltimore for several questions and the most impressive dialogue is for the issue that when did he began to notice and then make research on HIV as there was a few people did that at that time. Baltimore answered that he did that because of the emergent needs of the vaccine and treatment for the whole nation. In 1986, Baltimore was asked to make research on HIV, till then it has been known that to develop a vaccine for HIV is with great difficulties. The research team was organized to know more about the virus with huge decisive power as the project was granted $1 billion by the National Academy of Sciences, which is a real large sum of money at that time.

Why this dialogue is the most impressive one? Because from which it can be seen that Baltimore and his team worked on the project as the whole nation needed and the support from government is quite strong, the combination of the two factors creating a very good environment for scientific R&D of HIV, both of the devotion from scientists and support from government are needed nowadays for further research on various diseases.

With the participation of people like Baltimore, there will be more breakthrough and discoveries made in the future. Hope the conference all of a success.