Curran from Sugar Beet Can be Used as Additives in Various Aspects

From the last but one post at this blog site, it’s known that beet is a rich source of nitrate that is helpful to improve the muscle performance and furtherly get the heart failure situation better. Recently, a company has announced that a compound extracted from beet root can be put into wide use, even in the aerial industry.


A Scottish company made this finding by the cooperation of another two scientists with its cofounders. They aimed to find a material that can be equal even better than carbon fiber in strength and viscosity, which can be hardly achieved by one material at the same time. Finally they found one and it’s Curran, meaning carrot in Gaelic. Existing widely in root vegetables and being found easily in shops are the main reason that it was the first material applied in the experiment.

When Curran is added to other products for better strength, stronger viscosity will be also increased as a affiliate effect. Curran was tested for the comprehensive performance for strength,
And the result is that it’s one time stronger than carbon fiber, and can be used as the plane wine material. That’s a great finding and the material industry may be changed in the near future as Curran is much more environmental-friendly and accessible than many other material for same applications.

Globally, about one fifth sugar is from beet root. Thus beet root would be a more perfect raw material for Curran though there are other alternatives like wood. Besides, the fast growth speed and harmless character to environment are another two advantages of beet root.

Moreover, Curran can be made of beet root waste that has been extracted for sugar, which ensures full use of beet root and no waste will be induced. In addition, the producing process will involve less energy with beet root.

With further affirmation of Curran’s character from comprehensive researches, Curran then can be taken use especially in paint, cosmetics even food for its strength, viscosity, being safe and green.

This finding makes beet root contribute in material field following its medica application. Being cheap, existing widely and environmental-friendly will help it make a revolution in basic material industry.