The Sequence-specific RNA Repression (SERRE) technology platform

In human genome, only 1−2% of the DNA sequences encode for protein, yet 70−80% are transcribed into RNA. Therefore, the regulation of the RNAs production or destruction provided a new approach to study the cell function and investigate the future therapeutics. In the past decade, several posttranscriptional RNA-regulating technologies have been developed by molecular biologists, including RNAi, artificial RNases, RNA-binding PARPs. Recently, ribonuclease targeting chimeras (RIBOTACs), a novel technology originated from antiviral innate immune system of 2-5A/RNase L, have been emerging as an important tools to selective degradation of RNAs. In human cells, the 2’,5’-oligoadenylates synthetase (OAS) will synthesize 2’,5’-oligoadenylates (2-5A), responding to viral infections, and then dimerize and activate RNase L, an endogenous ribonuclease, which results in cleavage of all RNA in the cell. The RIBOTACs applied a small-molecule-conjugated 2-5A for targeting specific RNA and restricting its nuclease activity on the target.


Our Services


Based on RIBOTACs, the Sequence-specific RNA Repression (SERRE) technology platform has been developed by BOC Sciences. Our research staff modified the structure of ribonuclease recruiting moiety for better efficiency and stability in vivo, and significantly improved the RNA selectivity by conjugation of PNA or other sequence-specific molecules.  

  • Our experienced staff of BOC Sciences SERRE Platform will assist your drug discovery by design, synthesis and application of novel SERRE molecules targeting your concerned RNA, and can also directly provide you a range of SEERE molecules for various RNAs targets, including mRNAs, miRNAs, primary miRNAs, lncRNAs and so on.
  • The BOC Sciences SERRE Platform has developed the technology using multiple small molecules, nucleotides or PNAs as the high-selectively RNA-binding moieties.
  • We also applied new generation RNase L recruiting moieties with higher efficiency and stability in vivo, in order to fulfill your requirement in RNA inhibition and drug discovery.
  • For SERRE related drug discovery, we have developed a high-throughput screening system based on fluorescent labeled RNA and recombinant human RNase L protein,which may greatly facilitate your SERRE molecules design and activity evaluation in vitro.

Why choose BOC Sciences?

The BOC Sciences’s SERRE platform will greatly facilitate your research on RNA regulation and drug discovery. Our experienced staff of BOC Sciences SERRE Platform will assist your drug discovery. For further research, our cellular platform and mouse platform will help you with the experimental solutions on cellular RNA detection, RT-qPCR, cell apoptosis, toxicity, tumor xenograft model and IVBI pharmacodynamics study in vivo. We would be glad to hear from you and we’re looking forward to providing the best solution for you.

Our Advantages:

  • High cleavage efficiency
  • High RNA sequence selectivity
  • Flexible target design
  • Appropriate stability in vivo
  • Catalytic nature
  • Synthetic time-saver


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