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618903-56-3 (unlabeled)
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Related Products

CAS 1185144-74-4 Olmesartan-d6 Acid

Olmesartan-d6 Acid
(CAS: 1185144-74-4)

An isotope labelled of Olmesartan Acid. Olmesartan Acid is an angiotensin II receptor antagonist and can be used as an anti-hypertensive.

CAS 1189928-10-6 Rhein-13C4

(CAS: 1189928-10-6)

An isotope labelled Rhein. Rhein is enriched in rhubarb with anti-inflammatory, anti-osteoarthritic, and anti-cancer activity.

CAS 1129526-19-7 Ethambutol-d4 Dihydrochloride

Ethambutol-d4 Dihydrochloride
(CAS: 1129526-19-7)

An isotope labelled Ethambutol. Ethambutol is a medication primarily used to treat tuberculosis.

CAS 208107-14-6 Temozolomide-d3

(CAS: 208107-14-6)

One isotopic labelled form of Temozolomide, which is an imidazotetrazine derivative and has been found to be a <br/>DNA methylating agent and could be used as a...

Verapamil-d7 HCl
(CAS: 1188265-55-5)

Verapamil-d7 HCl is the labeled analogue of Verapamil Hydrochloride, which is a a calcium channel blocker used as antihypertensive, antianginal and antiarrhythm...

(CAS: 135441-88-2)

Geosmin-d3 is a labelled form of Geosmin.

(CAS: 47668-57-0)

Bupivacaine-d9 is a labelled Bupivacaine. Bupivacaine is a local anesthetic.

Fluoxetine-D6 oxalate

Fluoxetine-D6 oxalate is an isotope labelled derivative of Fluoxetine. Fluoxetine is an antidepressant of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor.

(CAS: 1246819-17-9)

The isotope labelled Nitazoxanide which could used as an anthelmintic agent.

CAS 1219798-80-7 Melperone-d4 HCl (4-methylpiperidine-2,2,6,6-d4)

Melperone-d4 HCl (4-methylpiperidine-2,2
(CAS: 1219798-80-7)

Melperone-d4 HCl is an isotope labelled derivative of Melperone. Melperone is a typical antipsychotic. It has been tried in treatment-resistant cases of schizop...


An isotope labelled Stigmastanol (sitostanol). Stigmastanol (sitostanol) is a phytosterol found in a variety of plant sources. Similar to sterol esters and stan...

CAS 87828-86-2 L-LEUCINE (5,5,5-D3, 99%)

L-LEUCINE (5,5,5-D3, 99%)
(CAS: 87828-86-2)

CAS 1346600-71-2 Azathioprine, 13C4

Azathioprine, 13C4
(CAS: 1346600-71-2)

One of the isotopic labelled form of Azathioprine, which is an immunosuppressive antimetabolite and could be used as an antirheumatic agent.

Nintedanib-13C-d3 (Intedanib-13C-d3)

A labelled Nintedanib, which is a potent triple angiokinase inhibitor for VEGFR1/2/3, FGFR1/2/3 and PDGFRα/β with IC50 of 34 nM/13 nM/13 nM, 69 nM/37 nM/108 nM ...

(CAS: 1356841-89-8)

One of the isotopic labelled form of Tacrolimus, which is a kind of immunosuppressant and could restrain the activity of FK-506 binding protein.

CAS 203645-63-0 Amitriptyline-d6 HCl

Amitriptyline-d6 HCl
(CAS: 203645-63-0)

Amitriptyline-d6 HCl is a labelled analogue of Amitriptyline. Amitriptyline is a psychotropic drug used for the treatment of major depression, anxiety and other...


Estetrol-d3 is a labelled analogue of Estetrol. Estetrol is an estrogen steroid hormone.

CAS 1189467-93-3 2,6-Di-iso-propylphenol-d18

(CAS: 1189467-93-3)

One of the isotopic labelled form of Propofol, which could be used as an anesthetic in in veterinary medicine.