Sp-6-Phe-cAMPS - CAS 169335-92-6
Catalog number: 169335-92-6
Category: Nucleotides
Molecular Formula:
C16H15N5O5PS · Na
Molecular Weight:
Cyclic Nucleotides
Sp-6-Phe-cAMPS is a selective and PDE-resistant stimulator of protein kinase A, which is used as an Epac-negative control.
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≥ 98% by HPLC
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CAS 51116-00-8 DB-cGMP

(CAS: 51116-00-8)


2',2''-Di-Biotin-16-c-diAMP is an analogue of c-diAMP, the bacterial second messenger. It is a potential tracer in immunoassays and commonly used for affinity c...


2-Cl-8-HA-cAMP is a membrane-permeant cAMP analogue with a preference for site B I of PKA. It can be active to PKA type I in combination with AI-selective analo...


Sp-2'-AHC-cGMPS-Agarose is the PDE-resistant PKG activator Sp-cGMPS immobilized on agarose by an aminohexylcarbamoyl spacer, which can be used in affinity chrom...

CAS 151837-09-1 Rp-cAMPS, triethyl ammonium salt

Rp-cAMPS, triethyl ammonium salt
(CAS: 151837-09-1)

Rp-cAMPS is a competitive inhibitor of protein kinase A type I and II, the cAMP antagonist, which has high selectivity of type II of protein kinase A. It effect...


c-(Ap-8-Br-Gp) is an analogue of c-(ApGp), the potential bacterial second messenger, which is used for binding studies and as precursor for further modification...

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8-pCPT-cGMP is a selective activator of cGMP-dependent protein kinase type I α and type II, as well as of cGMP-gated ion channels. It has higher membrane permea...

(CAS: 62742-71-6)

cAMP-Bn is a precursor of cAMP, the second messenger. The polar cAMP is released after cAMP-Bn is hydrolyzed to produce an elevated cAMP level for a prolonged p...

CAS 120912-54-1 Sp-5,6-DCl-cBIMPS

(CAS: 120912-54-1)

Sp-5,6-DCl-cBIMPS is a selective stimulator of cAMP- dependent protein kinases preferrring site B of type II isozyme. It is superior to dibutyryl cAMP or 8-CPT-...


c[8-Br-G(2',5')pA(3',5')p] is an analogue of c[G(2',5')pA(3',5')p], the metazoan cyclic dinucleotide second messenger, which can be used for binding studies and...

(CAS: 1259875-39-2)

Sp-c-diGMPS is an analogue of c-diGMP, the bacterial second messenger, which can be used to study ligand-receptor interactions.


8-Biotin-11-c-diAMP is an analogue of c-diAMP, the bacterial second messenger. It is a potential tracer in immunoassays and commonly used for affinity chromatog...


4-MB-cCMP is an analogue of cCMP, the putative second messenger nucleotide and the main cellular metabolite of DB-cCMP. 4-MB-cCMP exhibits a partial activity of...

CAS 144509-87-5 8-APT-cGMP

(CAS: 144509-87-5)

8-APT-cGMP is an isozyme-selective stimulator of cGMP-dependent protein kinase I a with a prenference for type I a over I by a factor of 200.

CAS 172806-21-2 Sp-8-Br-PET-cGMPS

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Sp-8-Br-PET-cGMPS is an inhibitor of the retinal type cGMP-gated ion channel (cGMP antagonist) as well as a stimulator of cyclic GMP-dependent protein kinase I ...

(CAS: 663941-66-0)

8-CPT-cAMP-AM is a precursor of 8-CPT-cAMP, the PKA activator. 8-CPT-cAMP is released after the metabolism of 8-CPT-cAMP-AM by esterases.

(CAS: 221904-88-7)

Rp-8-AET-cGMPS is a ligand in affinity chromatography and can be modified with fluorophores or other markers.

CAS 93882-12-3 8-CPT-cAMP

(CAS: 93882-12-3)

8-CPT-cAMP is an activator of cAMP- and cGMP-dependent protein kinase and of Epac. It has an improved membrane permeability, phosphodiesterase stability and sel...


4-AH-cCMP is an analogue of cCMP used as a ligand for affinity chromatography of cCMP binding proteins or for coupling of labelling structures like fluorophores...

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