Sp-2'-O-MB-cAMPS - CAS 152218-23-0
Catalog number: 152218-23-0
Category: Nucleotides
Molecular Formula:
C14H17N5O6PS · Na
Molecular Weight:
Cyclic Nucleotides
Sp-2'-O-MB-cAMPS is a precursor ofSp-cAMPS, a PDE-resistant stimulator of protein kinase A. Sp-cAMPS and butyrate are released after the metabolism of Sp-2'-O-MB-cAMPS by esterases. Compared to Sp-cAMPS, it has more lipophilic and membrane-permeant properties.
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≥ 97% by HPLC
2'- O- Monobutyryladenosine- 3', 5'- cyclic monophosphorothioate, Sp- isomer, sodium salt
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Sp-2'-AHC-cAMPS is a PDE-stable analogue of cAMP used for immobilization as an affinity ligand or for coupling of labelling structures such as fluorophores.

CAS 32465-18-2 ara-cAMP

(CAS: 32465-18-2)

ara-cAMP is an analogue of cAMP, the second messenger. It is commonly used in receptor mapping studies and negative controls.

CAS 66311-12-4 2-AEA-cAMP

(CAS: 66311-12-4)

2-AEA-cAMP is a ligand for affinity chromatography of cAMP and cGMP binding proteins. It can be modified with fluorophores and other markers.

CAS 37063-35-7 2',3'-cAMP

(CAS: 37063-35-7)

2',3'-cAMP is a positional isomer of 3',5'-cAMP that is produced by organ systems such as rat and mouse kidney and mouse brain through RNA degradation. When inj...


6-Bnz-cAMP-AM is a precursor of 6-Bnz-cAMP, the specific PKA agonist, which can be used as an Epac-negative control. 6-Bnz-cAMP is released after the metabolism...

(CAS: 221904-92-3)

Sp-8-AET-cGMPS is a ligand in affinity chromatography and can be modified with fluorophores or other markers.


6-Bnz-8-PIP-cAMP is a stimulator of protein kinase A which has no activated effect on Epac. It can be active to the A site of cAK I in combination with site B I...

CAS 612513-15-2 8-pHPT-2'-O-Me-cAMP

(CAS: 612513-15-2)

8-pHPT-2'-O-Me-cAMP is an activator of the exchange protein activated by cAMP (Epac) or cAMP-GEF, which does not activate protein kinase A. It has superior lipo...

(CAS: 104872-93-7)

2'-O-MS-TME-cGMP is an analogue of cGMP, which is used for radio-iodination in cGMP immunoassays.

(CAS: 1259875-47-2)

Rp,Sp-c-diGMPSS is an analogue of c-diGMP, the bacterial second messenger, with improved stability. It can be used to study ligand-receptor interactions.

(CAS: 72549-36-1)

8-CPT-6-Phe-cAMP is a selective activator of protein kinase A (cAMP agonist). It effects against mammalian cyclic nucleotide-dependent phosphodiesterases.

CAS 84433-46-5 6-MBC-cAMP

(CAS: 84433-46-5)

6-MBC-cAMP is a selective activator of protein kinase A, the cAMP agonist, which has a preference for the A site of cAK II. It can be active to type II in combi...


8-AEA-cAMP-Agarose is the second messenger cAMP immobilized on agarose by an aminoethylamino spacer, which can be used in affinity chromatography of cyclic nucl...

CAS 159764-93-9 cAMP-AM

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cAMP-AM is a membrane-permeant precursor of cAMP, the second messenger. cAMP is released after permeation and metabolism of cAMP-AM by esterases, then it is met...

(CAS: 663941-66-0)

8-CPT-cAMP-AM is a precursor of 8-CPT-cAMP, the PKA activator. 8-CPT-cAMP is released after the metabolism of 8-CPT-cAMP-AM by esterases.

(CAS: 1259875-39-2)

Sp-c-diGMPS is an analogue of c-diGMP, the bacterial second messenger, which can be used to study ligand-receptor interactions.

DEACM-caged cGMP
(CAS: 339291-42-8)

DEACM-caged cGMP is a fluorescent precursor of cGMP, the second messenger. cGMP and a strongly fluorescent coumarin analogue are released by irradiation.

Chemical Structure

CAS 152218-23-0 Sp-2'-O-MB-cAMPS

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