Sodium taurodeoxycholate - CAS 110026-03-4
Catalog number: 110026-03-4
Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
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Sodium taurohyodeoxycholate hydrate
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CAS 191729-45-0 Tenacissoside H

Tenacissoside H
(CAS: 191729-45-0)

Tenacissoside H, naturally occurs herbal constituent of Marsdenia tenacissima, exhibits anticancer effect.

CAS 83-48-7 Stigmasterol

(CAS: 83-48-7)

Plant sterol, used as a precursor in the synthesis of progesterone.

Cynatratoside A
(CAS: 97399-96-7)

Cynatratoside A is a natural steroid compound found in several plants.

CAS 2308-85-2 Sitosteryl palmitate

Sitosteryl palmitate
(CAS: 2308-85-2)

Sitosteryl palmitate isolated from the rhizomes of Astilbe chinensis.

CAS 111-20-6 Decanedioic acid

Decanedioic acid
(CAS: 111-20-6)

Decanedioic acid isolated from the herbs of Piper cubeba. It is an intermediate of aromatics, antiseptics, and painting materials, also a cross-linking agent fo...

(CAS: 1973415-50-7)

(2RS)-Lotaustralin is found in the roots of Rhodiola rosea L.

CAS 136565-73-6 Anemarsaponin E

Anemarsaponin E
(CAS: 136565-73-6)

Anemarsaponin E is extracted from the rhizomes of Anemarrhena asphodeloides Bunge.

CAS 62-46-4 DL-Thioctic acid

DL-Thioctic acid
(CAS: 62-46-4)

Lipoic acid can be extracted from the kidney, heart, liver, spinach, broccoli, and yeast. It inhibits advanced glycation end products (AGE). And it can be used ...

CAS 76296-75-8 Polyphyllin VII

Polyphyllin VII
(CAS: 76296-75-8)

Source from rhizomes of Paris yunnanensis Franch. The potential application of formosanin C and polyphyllin VII (Polyphyllin G) in the therapy of serious infect...

CAS 30828-09-2 4-Oxododecanedioic acid

4-Oxododecanedioic acid
(CAS: 30828-09-2)

4-Oxododecanedioic acid is a natural plant lipid isolated from the herbs of Coniogramme japonica.

CAS 107368-83-2 Trichilinin

(CAS: 107368-83-2)

Trichilinin is a new limonoid isolated from the root bark of Trichilia roka. Limonoids are attracting considerable interest not only because of their diverse st...

CAS 35109-93-4 Adynerin

(CAS: 35109-93-4)

Adynerin is a natural steroid found in the herbs of Nerium oleander.

CAS 110-16-7 but-2-enedioic acid

but-2-enedioic acid
(CAS: 110-16-7)

Maleic acid or cis-butenedioic acid is an organic compound that is a dicarboxylic acid, a molecule with two carboxylgroups. Its chemical formula is HO2CCHCHCO2H...

CAS 81122-95-4 (Z)-Lachnophyllum lactone

(Z)-Lachnophyllum lactone
(CAS: 81122-95-4)

(Z)-Lachnophyllum lactone is a natural lipid found in the herbs of Conyza stricta.

CAS 97191-42-9 18-Hydroxytritriacontan-16-one

(CAS: 97191-42-9)

18-Hydroxytritriacontan-16-one is a natural compound isolated from the leaf waxes of Eucalyptus globulus (Tasmanian blue gum).

CAS 113681-11-1 3-(Hydroxymethyl)cyclopentanone

(CAS: 113681-11-1)

3-(Hydroxymethyl)cyclopentanone isolated from the herb of Alangium chinese.

Chemical Structure

CAS 110026-03-4 Sodium taurodeoxycholate

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