Sodium Monofluorophosphate - CAS 10163-15-2
Catalog number: 10163-15-2
Category: Inhibitor
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alkaline phosphatase, phosphorylase phosphatase,pyruvate kinase
Sodium Monofluorophosphate is a competitive inhibitor of pyruvate kinase and alkaline phosphatase with Ki of 3.4 mM and 69 μM, respectively, which also irreversibly inhibits phosphorylase phosphatase with Ki of 0.5 mM.
NSC248; NSC 248; NSC-248
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1. Remineralization Therapies for Initial Caries Lesions
Bennett T. Amaechi. Curr Oral Health Rep (2015) 2:95–101
The amino acid, arginine, was recently incorporated into tooth-paste containing 1.5 % arginine, insoluble calcium carbonate, and 1450 ppm fluoride as sodium monofluorophosphate and tailored for remineralization of early caries lesion and prevention of development of new lesions. This technology is based on the mechanism that when the toothpaste is used, the amino acids will be deaminated by the arginine deaminase (enzyme) system in saliva, producing ammonia, which is highly alkaline and causes a rise in pH within the oral environment, thus presenting an ideal condition for remineralization as well as modifying and reducing the pathogenicity of the cariogenic plaque. With the sodium monofluorophosphate providing the fluoride ions and the calcium carbonate serving as the calcium source, remineralization is enhanced. Several studies have provided overwhelming evidence for efficacy of this technology. In vivo studies demonstrated that the cariogenic potential of the plaque is reduced, consistent with the significantly enhanced efficacy of the arginine-containing toothpaste in arresting and reversing caries as observed in the enamel and root caries clinical studies compared with toothpaste containing fluoride alone.
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CAS 10163-15-2 Sodium Monofluorophosphate

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