Sodium acetate, 1,2-13C2 - CAS 56374-56-2
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An isotope labelled of Sodium acetate.
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98% by HPLC; 99% atom 13C;
Related CAS:
127‑09‑3 (unlabelled)
13C Labeled acetic acid sodium salt, 13C Labeled sodium acetate, Acetic acid-13C2 sodium salt
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An isotope lablled Resiniferatoxin. Resiniferatoxin is a naturally occurring chemical found in resin spurge. It is an ultrapotent analogue of capsaicin. Resinif...

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An isotope labelled Propiconazole. Propiconazole is a triazole fungicide inhibiting fungicide due to its binding with and inhibiting the 14-alpha demethylase en...

Chemical Structure

CAS 56374-56-2 Sodium acetate, 1,2-13C2

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