Screening Libraries

Composed of an assortment of twenty-one libraries including FDA-approved drug library, natural product library, and anti-cancer compound library, among others, the bioactive screening libraries at BOC Sciences are ready-to-use chemical libraries for drug discovery, lab drug screening, drug target identification, and other pharmaceutical-related applications. These libraries consist of a unique and diverse collection of thousands of compounds with validated biological and pharmacological activities, in which each library corresponds to a particular category of materials that can be harnessed for high screening and high content screening.For quality assurance purposes, a full characterization report or a Certificate of Analysis (COA) is prepared and NMR spectroscopy and HPLC chromatography performed to validate the purity level and chemical structure of every compound supplied by BOC Sciences.

Cat NO Library
BOCSL-21 Ion Channel Ligand
BOCSL-20 GPCR Compound
BOCSL-19 Stem Cell Signaling Compound
BOCSL-18 Epigenetics Compound
BOCSL-17 Autophagy Compound
BOCSL-16 Apoptosis Compound
BOCSL-15 Inhibitor
BOCSL-14 Target selective Inhibitor
BOCSL-13 Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor
BOCSL-12 Kinase Inhibitor
BOCSL-11 Protease Inhibitor
BOCSL-10 MAPK Inhibitor
BOCSL-9 PI3K/Akt Inhibitor
BOCSL-8 Bioactive Compound
BOCSL-7 Pfizer Licensed Compound
BOCSL-6 Cambridge cancer Compound
BOCSL-5 Anti-infection Compound
BOCSL-4 Anti-diabetic Compound
BOCSL-3 Anti-cancer Compound
BOCSL-2 Natural Product
BOCSL-1 FDA-approved Drug