SCH 39166 hydrobromide - CAS 1227675-51-5
Category: Inhibitor
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Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
Dopamine Receptor
SCH 39166 hydrobromide is a high affinity dopamine D1/D5 receptor antagonist (Ki = 1.2, 2, 980, 5520, 80 and 731 nM for binding to D1, D5, D2, D4, 5-HT and α2a receptors, respectively). SCH 39166 is used in the treatment of schizophrenia, cocaine addiction and obesity.
Brife Description:
dopamine D1/D5 receptor antagonist
≥99% by HPLC
Related CAS:
112108-01-7 (free base)
SCH 39166 hydrobromide; SCH39166 hydrobromide; SCH-39166 hydrobromide; (6aS-trans)-11-Chloro-6,6a,7,8,9,13b-hexahydro-7-methyl-5H-benzo[d]naphth[2,1-b]azepin-12-ol hydrobromide; Ecopipam hydrobromide
the treatment of schizophrenia, cocaine addiction and obesity
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Chemical Structure

CAS 1227675-51-5 SCH 39166 hydrobromide

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