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Saikosaponin F, a genuine glycoside, is a saikosaponins extracted from the methanolic extract of Bupleurum chinese DC. Saikosaponins is believed to be responsible for part of the pharmaceutical properties of Bupleuri Radix. Several saikogenins and their derivatives have anti-allergic activity, analgesic action, anti-inflammatory action, plasma cholesterol-lowering action, action for hepatic injuries, etc.
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β-​D-​Glucopyranoside, (3β,​16β)​-​16,​28-​dihydroxyolean-​12-​en-​3-​yl O-​6-​deoxy-​α-​L-​mannopyranosyl-​(1→4)​-​O-​[β-​D-​glucopyranosyl-​(1→6)​]​-; (3β,16β)-16,28-Dihydroxyolean-12-en-3-yl O-6-deoxy-α-L-mannopyranosyl-(1→4)-O-[β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→6)]-β-D-glucopyranoside
Soluble in DMSO
Store in a cool and dry place and at 0 - 4℃ for short term (days to weeks) or -42℃ for long term (months to years).
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1.[A new saikosaponin from Bupleurum Chinese DC].
Liang H;Zhao Y;Qiu H;Huang J;Zhang R Yao Xue Xue Bao. 1998;33(1):37-41.
Bupleurum chinese DC. is a well-known and very important traditional Chinese drug. It is often used to treat common cold with fever, alternating chill and fever, the feeling of fullness and oppression in the chest. A new saikosaponin was isolated from Bupleurum chinese DC. and its structure was identified as 3 beta, 16 beta, 28-trihydroxy-11-alpha-methoxy-olean-12-ene-3-O-beta-D-glucosyl-(1-->3)-beta D-fucoside on the basis of chemical and spectral evidence. In addition, six known saikosaponins were isolated and characterized as saikosaponin a, saikosaponin d, saikosaponin c, saikosaponin f, saikosaponin b3 and saikosaponin b2. All these compounds were isolated from Bupleurum chinese DC. for the first time.
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CAS 62687-63-2 Saikosaponin F

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