(S)-(-)-4-Amino-2-hydroxybutyric acid - CAS 40371-51-5
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GABA Receptor
(S)-(-)-4-Amino-2-hydroxybutyric acid is an analogue of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) that exhibits potential inhibitory activity on GABA binding and uptake by brain.
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(2S)-4-Amino-2-hydroxybutanoic acid
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1.Butirosin-biosynthetic gene cluster from Bacillus circulans.
Ota Y1, Tamegai H, Kudo F, Kuriki H, Koike-Takeshita A, Eguchi T, Kakinuma K. J Antibiot (Tokyo). 2000 Oct;53(10):1158-67.
Butirosin is an interesting 2-deoxystreptamine (DOS)-containing aminoglycoside antibiotic produced by non-actinomycete Bacilli. Recently we were successful in purification of 2-deoxy-scyllo-inosose synthase from butirosin-producer Bacillus circulans as the key enzyme for the biosynthesis of DOS, in cloning of the responsible gene (btrC), and in its overexpression in Escherichia coli. The present study involved gene-walking approach, which allowed us to find a gene cluster around btrC. The function of each gene was further investigated by gene disruption, and the disruptants of btrB, btrC, btrD and btrM showed no antibiotic producing activity. Therefore, the gene cluster found so far was determined to be a part of the butirosin biosynthetic gene cluster. Functions of some ORFs are also discussed in terms of butirosin biosynthesis on the basis of database search.
2.1-N-acylation of gentamicin C1a by a cyclic, chiral gamma-amino-alpha-hydroxy acid related to the (S)-4-amino-2-hydroxybutyric acid.
Philippe M, Sepulchre AM, Gero SD, Loibner H, Streicher W, Stutz P. J Antibiot (Tokyo). 1982 Nov;35(11):1507-12.
A semisynthetic aminoglycoside antibiotic 15, containing a cyclic gamma-amino-alpha-hydroxy acid, related to the 1-N-4-amino-2-hydroxybutyric acid (AHBA) side chain of butirosins and amikacin, has been prepared. Conveniently protected 3,2',6'-tris-N-tert-butoxycarbonylgentamicin C1a (12) was condensed with the phtalimido active ester 10 to give after catalytic reduction and deprotection, the hitherto unknown 1-N-substituted gentamicin C1a 15. The requisite side chain was synthesized from the readily available D-(-)-quinic acid. The antibacterial properties of 15 are given.
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Chemical Structure

CAS 40371-51-5 (S)-(-)-4-Amino-2-hydroxybutyric acid

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