Rivaroxaban - CAS 366789-02-8
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White crystalline powder
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1. Electrochemical behaviour investigation and square-wave voltammetric determination of rivaroxaban in pharmaceutical dosage forms
Incilay Suslu,* Mustafa Çelebier and Sacide Altınoz. Anal. Methods,2014, 6,9397–9403
The activated serine protease factor Xa is a promising target for new anticoagulants. After studies on naturally occurring factor Xa inhibitors indicated that such agents could be effective and safe, research focused on the small-molecule direct inhibitors of factor Xa that might address the major clinical need for improved oral anticoagulants. In 2008, rivaroxaban (RIV) was the first such compound to be approved for clinical use. RIV is a potent and selective direct inhibitor of factor Xa and is used in the prevention of venous thromboembolism in adult patients after total hip replacement or total knee-replacement surgery. RIV (Fig. 1) is a small molecule (molecular weight 436 g mol-1) that is almost insoluble in water and exhibits a high plasma protein binding (92–95%) in humans, with serum albumin being the main binding component.
2. Transformation of a selective factor Xa inhibitor rivaroxaban into a dual factor Xa/thrombin inhibitor by modification of the morpholin-3-one moiety
Uros Trstenjak, Janez Ilas and Danijel Kikelj*. Med. Chem. Commun.,2014, 5,197–202
We have recently described the first low molecular weight dual inhibitors of factor Xa and fibrinogen binding to GPIIb/IIIa with a general structure II (Fig. 3), incorporating highly overlapped pharmacophores of a selective factor Xa inhibitor rivaroxaban and GPIIb/IIIa antagonists, obtained by modification of rivaroxaban at the P4 morpholin-3-one and P1 5-chlorothiophene moieties. In connection with these studies we report herein an interesting transformation of a selective factor Xa inhibitor rivaroxaban into dual fXa/thrombin inhibitor 24 by stepwise modification of a rivaroxaban P4 morpholin-3-one core (Fig. 3) and try to provide rationalization of the observed dual activity.
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CAS 366789-02-8 Rivaroxaban

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