RhodFluor DDPE
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Cell and Organelle Stains
RhodFluor DDPE is a fluorescent phospholipid probe.
4,5-((2-((((S)-2,3-bis(decanoyloxy)propyl)(hydroxy)phosphoryl)oxy)ethyl)carbamoyl)-2-(10-b(dimethylamino)-3-oxo-3H-benzo[c]xanthen-7-yl)benzoic acid
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5-JOE, AM diacetate

5-JOE, AM diacetate is a fluorescent probe used for detection of cell viability.

CAS 94885-04-8 C6 NBD Sphingomyelin

C6 NBD Sphingomyelin
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DiD' solid

DiD' solid is a lipophilic, far red-fluorescent analog of DiD, which fluoresces when incorporated into membranes.

CAS 77673-49-5 N-(4-Sulfopropyl)-4-(4-(dihexylamino)styryl)pyridinium, inner salt

(CAS: 77673-49-5)

Di6-ASP-PS is a neutral membrane probe that is non-fluorescent in aqueouse solution, but its absorption shifts to blue upon incorporation in membranes.

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4-Amino-3,6-disulfo-1,8-naphthalic anhydride dipotassium salt is a building block for synthesis of water-soluble polar tracer such as lucifer yellow probes.

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CAS  RhodFluor DDPE

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