PtdIns (4)-P1-fluorescein ammonium salt
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Cell and Organelle Stains
PtdIns-(4)-P1-fluorescein is a phosphatidylinositol (PtdIns) derivative that consists of PtdIns-(4)-P1 conjugated with fluorescein. PtdIns are membrane phospholipids that regulate the transmission of cellular signals. PtdIns-(4)-P1-fluorescein has been used in a range of cell types following delivery with polyamine carriers.
1-(1-octadecanoyl-fluorescein-2R-octadecanoylphosphatidyl)inositol-4-phosphate, triethylammonium salt
Store at -20°C
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CAS  PtdIns (4)-P1-fluorescein ammonium salt

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