PhenanGreen SK Diacetate
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Ion Indicators and Sensors
PhenanGreen SK Diacetate is a fluorescent indicator of heavy metal ions, including Cu2+, Cu+, Fe2+, Hg2+, Pb2+, Cd2+, Zn2+ and Ni2+.
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CAS 216699-33-1 Calcium Green-5N AM

Calcium Green-5N AM
(CAS: 216699-33-1)

Calcium Green-5N AM is an cell-impermeant calcium indicator that exhibits enhancement in fluorescence intensity upon binding calcium.

5,5'-Dibromo BAPTA tetramethyl ester

5,5'-Dibromo BAPTA tetramethyl ester is a derivative of BAPTA, which is a calcium indicator suitable for measurement of relatively high level of calcium.

CAS 132299-21-9 Mag-indo-1 tetrapotassium salt

Mag-indo-1 tetrapotassium salt
(CAS: 132299-21-9)

Mag-indo-1 tetrapotassium salt is a cell-impermeable fluorescent magnesium indicator.

CAS 73630-09-8 5,5'-Dimethyl BAPTA tetrapotassium salt

5,5'-Dimethyl BAPTA tetrapotassium salt
(CAS: 73630-09-8)

5,5'-Dimethyl BAPTA tetrapotassium salt is a water-soluble, cell membrane-impermeant metal chelator that is relatively selective for Ca2+ ions.

Rhod-5F Tripotassium Salt

Rhod-5F Tripotassium Salt is a cell-impermeant calcium indiator used for investigations of calcium signaling.

CAS 113694-64-7 Fura-2 potassium salt

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(CAS: 113694-64-7)

Fura-2 is a fluorescent calcium indicator that can be used for detecting calcium in cells.

CAS 132319-56-3 Indo-1 potassium salt

Indo-1 potassium salt
(CAS: 132319-56-3)

Indo-1 is a ratiometric fluorescent indicator for calcium. Indo-1 is useful for flow cytometry. The emission maximum shifts from 475-485 nm without calcium to 4...

CAS 273221-67-3 Fluo-4 AM

Fluo-4 AM
(CAS: 273221-67-3)

Fluo-4 AM is a cell-permeable fluorescent Ca2+ indicator.

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CAS  PhenanGreen SK Diacetate

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