PDK1 inhibitor 2610
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PDK-1 | PI3K
PDK1 inhibitor 2610 is an ATP-competitive and selective dual PI3K and PDPK1 inhibitor (IC50 values 34 nM and 94 nM for PDK1 and p-T308-PKB, respectively).
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dual PI3K and PDPK1 inhibitor
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CAS 702675-74-9 BX795

(CAS: 702675-74-9)

BX795 is a potent and selective inhibitor of PDK1, IKKε and TBK1, which regulates the production of Type 1 interferons during bacterial and viral infection. BX7...

CAS 117-39-5 Quercetin

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Quercetin is a flavonoid found in galangal and is used as an antitumor agent that induces apoptosis of cancer cells. It acts as a PI 3-kinase and protein kinase...

CAS 1001409-50-2 PDK1 inhibitor

PDK1 inhibitor
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PDK1 inhibitor is a potent and selective inhibitor of PDK1 with potential as anticancer agent.

(CAS: 1221186-53-3)

TEPP-46, an effective sensitizer of recombinant pyruvate kinase M2, has been found to decrease the formation of tumor in a mouse xenograft model. IC50: 92 nM (A...

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LY 294002 hydrochloride
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CAS 900515-16-4 AS-252424

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AS-252424 is a novel, potent PI3Kγ inhibitor (IC50 of 30 nM) with a 30-fold selectivity for PI3Kγ than PI3Kα, and low inhibitory activity towards PI3Kδ/β.

CAS 1180676-33-8 PS 47

PS 47
(CAS: 1180676-33-8)

PS 47 is an inactive E-isomer of the PDK1 activator PS 48. In combination with PS 48, PS 47 can be used as a negative control.

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