Oxireno[9,10]cyclodeca[1,2-b]furan-9(1aH)-one,7-(acetyloxy)-2,3,6,7,7a,8,10a,10b-octahydro- 1a,5-dimethyl-8-methylene-,[1aR-(1aR*,4E,- 7R*,7aR*,10aS*,10bS*)]- - CAS 41059-80-7
Catalog number: 41059-80-7
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Lipiferolide, that can be extracted from the herbs of Liriodendron tulipifera, is an inhibitor of farnesyl protein transferase.
(1aR,4E,7R,7aR,10aS,10bR)-7-Acetoxy-2,3,6,7,7a,8,10a,10b-octahydro-1a,5-dimethyl-8-methyleneoxireno[9,10]cyclodeca[1,2-b]furan-9(1aH)-one; Lipiferolide; Oxireno[9,10]cyclodeca[1,2-b]furan-9(1aH)-one,7-(acetyloxy)-2,3,6,7,7a,8,10a,10b-octahydro- 1a,5-diMethyl-8-Methylene-,[1aR-(1aR*,4E,- 7R*,7aR*,10aS*,10bS*)]-
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1.Farnesyl protein transferase and tumor cell growth inhibitory activities of lipiferolide isolated from Liriodendron tulipifera.
Moon MK;Oh HM;Kwon BM;Baek NI;Kim SH;Kim JS;Kim DK Arch Pharm Res. 2007 Mar;30(3):299-302.
The methanolic extract of the leaves of Liriodendron tulipifera was found to show inhibitory activity towards farnesyl protein transferase (FPTase). Bioassay-guided fractionation of the methanolic extract resulted in the isolation of lipiferolide, an inhibitor of FPTase. This compound inhibited the FPTase activity in a dose-dependent manner, and showed cell growth inhibitory activity against several tumor cells.
2.Sesquiterpenes with quinone reductase-inducing activity from Liriodendron chinense.
Dong Y;Liang D;Huang J;Zhang P Nat Prod Commun. 2009 Apr;4(4):467-8.
Bioassay-directed separation of the methylene chloride extracts from the wood of Liriodendron chinense led to the isolation of six sesquiterpenes, tulipinolide (1), alpha-liriodenolide (2), beta-liriodenolide (3), lipiferolide (4), 11,13-dehydrolanuginolide (5), and tulipinolide diepoxide (6). Compounds 1-6 have not been found previously in L. chinense. The structures of the compounds were established on the basis of NMR spectroscopic data. All the compounds exhibited quinone reductase (QR)-inducing activity in Hepa lclc7 cells.
3.Antiplasmodial activity of aporphine alkaloids and sesquiterpene lactones from Liriodendron tulipifera L.
Graziose R;Rathinasabapathy T;Lategan C;Poulev A;Smith PJ;Grace M;Lila MA;Raskin I J Ethnopharmacol. 2011 Jan 7;133(1):26-30. doi: 10.1016/j.jep.2010.08.059. Epub 2010 Sep 6.
AIM OF THE STUDY: ;The objective of this study was to isolate and characterize the active constituents of the traditionally used antimalarial plant Liriodendron tulipifera by antiplasmodial-assay guided fractionation.;MATERIALS AND METHODS: ;Bark and leaves were extracted with solvents of increasing polarity. Fractions were generated using flash chromatography, counter current chromatography and preparative HPLC and subjected to in vitro antiplasmodial and cytotoxicity assays. Active fractions were subjected to further fractionation until pure compounds were isolated, for which the IC(50) values were calculated.;RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: ;Six known aporphine alkaloids, asimilobine (1), norushinsunine (2), norglaucine (3), liriodenine (4), anonaine (5) and oxoglaucine (6) were found to be responsible for the antiplasmodial activity of the bark. Leaves yielded two known sesquiterpene lactones, peroxyferolide (7) and lipiferolide (8) with antiplasmodial activity.
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CAS 41059-80-7 Oxireno[9,10]cyclodeca[1,2-b]furan-9(1aH)-one,7-(acetyloxy)-2,3,6,7,7a,8,10a,10b-octahydro- 1a,5-dimethyl-8-methylene-,[1aR-(1aR*,4E,- 7R*,7aR*,10aS*,10bS*)]-

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