Nutlin-3b - CAS 675576-97-3
Catalog number: 675576-97-3
Category: Inhibitor
Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
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MDM-2, p53
Nutlin-3b, the active enantiomer of Nutlin-3, inhibits the p53/MDM2 interaction with IC50 of 90 nM.
Publictions citing BOC Sciences Products
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1.Downregulation of cyclin D1 sensitizes cancer cells to MDM2 antagonist Nutlin-3.
Yang P1, Chen W1, Li X2, Eilers G3, He Q1, Liu L1, Wu Y1, Wu Y1, Yu W1, Fletcher JA3, Ou WB1,2,3. Oncotarget. 2016 Apr 26. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.8999. [Epub ahead of print]
The MDM2-p53 pathway has a prominent oncogenic function in the pathogenesis of various cancers. Nutlin-3, a small-molecule antagonist of MDM2-p53 interaction, inhibits proliferation in cancer cells with wild-type p53. Herein, we evaluate the expression of MDM2, both the full length and a splicing variant MDM2-A, and the sensitivity of Nutlin-3 in different cancer cell lines. Included are seven cell lines with wild-type p53 (four mesothelioma, one breast cancer, one chondrosarcoma, and one leiomyosarcoma), two liposarcoma cell lines harboring MDM2 amplification and wild-type p53, and one mesothelioma cell line harboring a p53 point mutation. Nutlin-3 treatment increased expression of cyclin D1, MDM2, and p53 in cell lines with wild-type p53. Additive effects were observed in cells containing wild-type p53 through coordinated attack on MDM2-p53 binding and cyclin D1 by lentivirual shRNA knockdown or small molecule inhibition, as demonstrated by immunoblots and cell viability analyses.
2.Inhibition of WIP1 phosphatase sensitizes breast cancer cells to genotoxic stress and to MDM2 antagonist nutlin-3.
Pechackova S1, Burdova K1, Benada J1, Kleiblova P1,2, Jenikova G1, Macurek L1. Oncotarget. 2016 Feb 13. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.7363. [Epub ahead of print]
PP2C family serine/threonine phosphatase WIP1 acts as a negative regulator of the tumor suppressor p53 and is implicated in silencing of cellular responses to genotoxic stress. Chromosomal locus 17q23 carrying the PPM1D (coding for WIP1) is commonly amplified in breast carcinomas and WIP1 was proposed as potential pharmacological target. Here we employed a cellular model with knocked out PPM1D to validate the specificity and efficiency of GSK2830371, novel small molecule inhibitor of WIP1. We have found that GSK2830371 increased activation of the DNA damage response pathway to a comparable level as the loss of PPM1D. In addition, GSK2830371 did not affect proliferation of cells lacking PPM1D but significantly supressed proliferation of breast cancer cells with amplified PPM1D. Over time cells treated with GSK2830371 accumulated in G1 and G2 phases of the cell cycle in a p21-dependent manner and were prone to induction of senescence by a low dose of MDM2 antagonist nutlin-3.
3.Nutlin-3 treatment spares cisplatin-induced inhibition of bone healing while maintaining osteosarcoma toxicity.
Stine KC1, Wahl EC2, Liu L2, Skinner RA3, VanderSchilden J3, Bunn RC1, Montgomery CO3, Suva LJ3, Aronson J1,2,3, Becton DL1, Nicholas RW3, Swearingen CJ1,4, Lumpkin CK Jr1,2. J Orthop Res. 2016 Feb 11. doi: 10.1002/jor.23192. [Epub ahead of print]
The majority of Osteosarcoma (OS) patients are treated with a combination of chemotherapy, resection, and limb salvage protocols. These protocols include distraction osteogenesis (DO), which is characterized by direct new bone formation. Cisplatin (CDP) is extensively used for OS chemotherapy and recent studies, using a mouse DO model, have demonstrated that CDP has profound negative effects on bone repair. Recent oncological therapeutic strategies are based on the use of standard cytotoxic drugs plus an assortment of biologic agents. Here we demonstrate that the previously reported CDP-associated inhibition of bone repair can be modulated by the administration of a small molecule p53 inducer (nutlin-3). The effects of nutlin-3 on CDP osteotoxicity were studied using both pre- and post-operative treatment models. In both cases the addition of nutlin-3, bracketing CDP exposure, demonstrated robust and significant bone sparing activity (p < 0.
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Nutlin-3b, the active enantiomer of Nutlin-3, inhibits the p53/MDM2 interaction with IC50 of 90 nM.

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NVP-CGM097 sulfate, a dihydroisoquinolinone derivative, is a potent and selective MDM2 inhibitor (IC50= 1.7±0.1 nM for hMDM2) in the treatment of p53wt tumors.

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CAS 675576-97-3 Nutlin-3b

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