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DiI, DiO, DiD and DiR dyes are a family of lipophilic fluorescent stains for labeling membranes and other hydrophobic structures.

CAS 989-38-8 Rhodamine 6G chloride

Rhodamine 6G chloride
(CAS: 989-38-8)

Rhodamine 6G chloride is a cell-permeant, yellow-fluorescent dye for staining the functioning mitochondria in live cells. It also has been used as a laser dye.

CAS 127274-91-3 DiD perchlorate

DiD perchlorate
(CAS: 127274-91-3)

DiD perchlorate is a Cy5 dye used as a lipophilic fluorescent reagent.

LysoTracker Blue DND-22

LysoHunt Blue DND-22 is a blue-fluorescent probe for staining acidic compartments in live cells.

BF 350 Phalloidin

Bella Fluor 350 Phalloidin conjugate is a blue-fluorescent probe with a high affinity for F-actin, which is used for cytoskeletal protein imaging.

CellTracker Blue CMF2HC Dye

CellTracker Blue CMF2HC Dye is a fluorescent dye for monitoring long-term cell location and movement for its stability in live cells.

CAS 2169684-98-2 IraZolve-L1™

(CAS: 2169684-98-2)

IraZolve-L1™ is a cell-permeable fluorogenic probe that can be used to label intracellular lipid droplets and the endoplasmic reticulum in live and fixed cells.

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