Niclofolan - CAS 10331-57-4
Catalog number: 10331-57-4
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NICLOFOLAN; Niclofoian; 1'-biphenyl)-2,2'-diol, 5,5'-dichloro-3,3'-dinitro-(; 3,3'-dichloro-5,5'-dinitro-o,o'-biphenol; 4,4'-dichloro-6,6'-dinitro-o,o'-biphenol; 5,5'-dichloro-2,2'-dihydroxy-3,3'-dinitrobiphenyl; 5,5'-dichloro-3,3'-dinitro(1,1'-biphenyl)-2,2'-
1. Phylogenetic data suggest the reclassification of Fasciola jacksoni (Digenea: Fasciolidae) as Fascioloides jacksoni comb. nov.
Petr Heneberg. Parasitol Res (2013) 112:1679–1689
Treatment for fascioliasis is generally not instituted unless signs are severe (Fowler and Mikota 2006). In the USA, it is recommended to use clorsulon (Curatrem, Merial) at a dose of 7 mg/kg of body weight. This drug should be administered orally, twice at 45- to 60-day intervals. Albendazole was also reported to be effective. In India, triclabendazole (Fasinex, Novartis) at 9 mg/kg (not exceeding 7,200 mg per animal) and oxyclozanide (Zanil, ICI) 7.5 mg/kg (not exceeding 6,000 mg per animal) were used with success (100 and 72.16 %, respectively) to eradicate the flukes (Islam 1997; Fowler and Mikota 2006). Previously, subcutaneous 34 % nitroxynil (Trodax, May & Baker) injections were reported to efficiently eradicate the Fasciola jacksoni infection (Caple et al. 1978); however, these were associated with severe local tissue reaction and fibrous growth at the injection site. Interestingly, the local tissue reactions appeared at any concentration tested and varied from local swelling to circular lesions of about 4 cm in diameter. The lesions healed within 2 months post-injection. No systemic reactions were recorded. Regarding the healing effect, nitroxynil was reported to be 100 % effective based on tests of the feces 2 and 4 months postinjection. Also, the edemas disappeared and the hematologic variables improved (hemoglobin, red blood cell counts, and packed cell volume) (Caple et al. 1978). Subcutaneous niclofolan (Bilivon, Bayer) is also expected to be efficient at 2 mg/kg (single injection), but the evidence of its use against Fasciola jacksoni is still absent (Fowler and Mikota 2006).
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CAS 10331-57-4 Niclofolan

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