Mouse Platform

Human tumor xenografts in nude mice model are the most frequently used test systems for the evaluation of potential cancer therapies or the efficiency of novel anticancer drug candidates in vivo. A nude mice is a laboratory mouse mutation with a deteriorated or absent thymus, resulting in lack of T cells and inhibition on immune system, which is quite valuable to cancer research because it can receive many different types of tumor grafts without rejection response. These tumor xenografts in nude mice are commonly used in studies of oncology and immunology to test new methods of imaging and treating tumors.


Introduction of In vivo bioluminescent imaging (IVBI) service

In vivo bioluminescent imaging (IVBI) is a versatile and sensitive tool based on the detection of light emission from cells or tissues, which allows for the noninvasive study of ongoing biological processes in small laboratory animals. The DNA encoding the luminescent protein is incorporated into the laboratory animal by a viral vector and expressed the luminescent protein in specific tissue or organ, leading to the light emission in living animals. The IVBI allows continuous and instantaneous monitoring of a disease course or the effective of drug treatment in the same animal, which can been used in the research of tumor growth, cell tracking, infections, gene expression, and pharmacodynamics.


Our Services

The normal services include cell culturing & implantation, animal weight measurement, tumor size/weight determination, drug treatment by IP injection or oral route, detailed protocol & report. In addition, the in vivo imaging of tumor is available by the stably transfected tumor monoclones and the IVIS Spectrum. The extended services include hematological analysis, pharmacokinetics sampling and analysis, tissue sampling, biomarker detection and analysis.

Why choose BOC Sciences?

Our experienced staff from BOC Sciences Mouse Platform will provide you the most appropriate model and analysis for your anticancer drug candidates or therapies. We can also offer a complete profiling of your agents in a variety of tumor types. Below is a list of our advantages (including but not limit following):

  • Flexible and diverse experimental design, operation and analysis. 
  • A wide variety of tumor cell lines available in our lab ensures a broad range of testing alternatives.
  • Nude mice of premier quality in high-grade clean laboratory environment.
  • IVIS Spectrum in vivo imaging system with high sensitive and resolution.

Our labs

Our labs


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