ML-323 - CAS 1572414-83-5
Catalog number: 1572414-83-5
Category: Inhibitor
Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
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CAS 1572414-83-5 ML-323

(CAS: 1572414-83-5)

CAS 1381291-36-6 USP7-IN-1

(CAS: 1381291-36-6)

USP7-IN-1 is a novel selective and reversible inhibitor of USP7 with IC50 of 33 uM; less or no inhibition on USP5, USP8, Uch-L1, Uch-L3 and Caspase(IC50>200 ...

CAS 924296-18-4 DUBs-IN-1

(CAS: 924296-18-4)

DUBs-IN-1 is a potent deubiquitinase enzyme inhibitor for USP7/USP8.

CAS 1247819-59-5 P22077

(CAS: 1247819-59-5)

P22077 is a potent and selective ubiquitin-specific protease 7 (USP7) inhibitor. P22077 potently induces apoptosis in NB cells with an intact USP7-HDM2-p53 axis...

CAS 924296-19-5 DUBs-IN-2

(CAS: 924296-19-5)

DUBs-IN-2 is a potent deubiquitinase enzyme inhibitor for USP7/USP8.

CAS 858134-23-3 Vialinin A

Vialinin A
(CAS: 858134-23-3)

Vialinin A is an inhibitor of ubiquitin-specific peptidase 4 (USP4), USP5/isopeptidase T (IsoT) and UCH-L1 deubiquitinating enzyme (DUB) activity (IC50 = 1.5, 5...

CAS 882257-11-6 P005091

(CAS: 882257-11-6)

P005091 is a potent and selective inhibitor of ubiquitin-specific protease (USP) 7 (IC50 = 4.2 μM). P005091 induces elevated p53 and apoptosis in cancer cell li...

CAS 63388-44-3 SJB2-043

(CAS: 63388-44-3)

SJB2-043 is one of analogs/derivatives of C527, which is a novel and potent USP1 (ubiquitin-specific protease 1) inhibitor. It inhibited the Ub-VS labeling of a...

CAS 856243-80-6 Degrasyn

(CAS: 856243-80-6)

Degrasyn, also known as WP1130, is a small molecule that specifically and rapidly down-regulates both wild-type and mutant Bcr/Abl protein without affecting bcr...

CAS 668467-91-2 LDN-57444

(CAS: 668467-91-2)

LDN-57444 is a reversible, competitive proteasome inhibitor for UCH-L1 with IC50 of 0.88 μM, 28-fold greater selectivity over isoform UCH-L3.

CAS 1426944-49-1 HBX 19818

HBX 19818
(CAS: 1426944-49-1)

HBX 19818 exhibited a dose-dependent effect on USP7 activity. HBX 19,818 efficiently blocked labeling of USP7 but not that of USP8, USP5, USP10, CYLD, or UCH-L3...

CAS 924296-17-3 DUBs-IN-3

(CAS: 924296-17-3)

DUBs-IN-3 is a potent deubiquitinase enzyme inhibitor for USP8. It is 30 fold selectivity over USP7.

CAS 2645-32-1 PR-619

(CAS: 2645-32-1)

CAS 1009817-63-3 b-AP15

(CAS: 1009817-63-3)

b-AP15 is a deubiquitinases inhibitor for 19S proteasomes activity of Ub-AMC cleavage with IC50 of 2.1 μM.Not a general deubiquitinase inhibitor. Has minimal in...

CAS 1247825-37-1 USP7-USP47 inhibitor

USP7-USP47 inhibitor
(CAS: 1247825-37-1)

USP7/USP47 inhibitor(compound 14) is a selective USP7 (EC50= 0.42 μM)/USP47 (EC50= 1.0 μM) inhibitor but does not inhibit caspase 3, calpain 1, 20S proteasome, ...

CAS 1991986-30-1 ML364

(CAS: 1991986-30-1)

ML364 is a small molecule, reversible inhibitor of the deubiquitinase USP2, that has an IC50 value of 1.1 µM in a fluorescence-based assay using di-ubiquitin su...

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CAS 1572414-83-5 ML-323

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