MK-5172 potassium salt - CAS 1206524-86-8
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Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
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In biochemical assays, MK-5172 was effective against a panel of major genotypes and variants engineered with common resistant mutations observed in clinical studies with other NS3/4a protease inhibitors. In the replicon assay, MK-5172 demonstrated subnanomolar to low-nanomolar EC50s against genotypes 1a, 1b, and 2a. In rats, MK-5172 showed a plasma clearance of 28 ml/min/kg and plasma half-life of 1.4 hr. When dosed p.o. at 5 mg/kg, the plasma exposure of MK-5172 was good with an AUC of 0.7 The liver exposure of the compound was quite good (23 uM at 4 hr), and MK-5172 remained in liver 24 hr after a single p.o. 5 mg/kg dose. At 24 hr, the liver concentration of MK-5172 was 0.2 uM, which was over 25-fold higher than the IC50 in the replicon assay with 50% NHS. When dosed to dogs, MK-5172 showed low clearance of 5 ml/min/kg and a 3 hr half-life after i.v. 2 mg/kg dosing and had good plasma exposure (AUC=0.4 after a p.o. 1 mg/kg dose.
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Grazoprevir potassium salt; MK5172 potassium salt; MK 5172 potassium salt
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CAS 1206524-86-8 MK-5172 potassium salt

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