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Calcium Channel
Mesuximide is a succinimide anticonvulsant medication. The therapeutic efficacy of methosuximide is due to its pharmacologically active metabolite, N-desmethylmethosuximide. This active metabolite has a longer half-life and attains much higher plasma levels than its parent.
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Light Yellow Oil
1,3-Dimethyl-3-phenyl-2,5-dioxopyrrolidine;1,3-Dimethyl-3-phenyl-2,5-pyrrolidinedione;1,3-dimethyl-3-phenyl-5-pyrrolidinedione;1,3-Dimethyl-3-phenyl-pyrrolidin-2,5-dione;1,3-dimethyl-3-phenylsuccinimide;2,5-Pyrrolidinedione, 1,3-dimethyl-3-phenyl-;alpha-
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-20℃ Freezer
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2 month in rt, long time
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1.Effective and safe but forgotten: methsuximide in intractable epilepsies in childhood.
Sigler M1, Strassburg HM, Boenigk HE. Seizure. 2001 Mar;10(2):120-4.
The efficacy and safety of methsuximide (MSM) was evaluated in children with intractable epilepsies in a prospective uncontrolled study. MSM was added to the therapeutic regimen of 112 children with intractable epilepsy under inpatient conditions, all of whom were therapeutically refractory to various first-line antiepileptic drugs (AED) or combinations of other AED. Titration of MSM was performed following a uniform protocol. Administration of MSM resulted in a 50% or greater reduction in seizure frequency in 40 patients after a short-term observation period (mean 9.1 weeks). After a mean of 3.7 years, the rate of seizures and side effects were re-evaluated in 39 patients who were still receiving MSM as part of their antiepileptic regimen. Twenty two of these patients derived long-term benefit from MSM. In patients with good seizure control, fasting plasma levels of N-desmethylmethsuximide, the principal active metabolite of MSM, were 25.
2.Methsuximide reduces valproic acid serum levels.
Besag FM1, Berry DJ, Vasey M. Ther Drug Monit. 2001 Dec;23(6):694-7.
The authors investigated whether methsuximide affects serum levels of valproic acid. Pre-morning-dose serum valproic acid levels were measured in 17 patients (12 male, 5 female; age range, 8-19; mean, 14.5 years) who either started or stopped taking methsuximide but whose dose of valproate and other medication remained unchanged. Four of these patients both started and stopped taking methsuximide. For the whole group the mean valproic acid level (+/- standard error) while not taking methsuximide was 81.9 +/- 5.3 mg/L and while taking methsuximide was 55.7 +/- 4.3 mg/L. The difference between the means was highly significant (paired t test, p < 0.001). The mean valproic acid serum level before taking methsuximide was 85.4 +/- 4.5 mg/L (14 patients), which decreased to 58.2 +/- 4.8 mg/L while taking methsuximide (difference highly significant, p < 0.001). In the eight patients who stopped taking methsuximide the mean serum level increased from 49.
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