Methiocarb - CAS 2032-65-7
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Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
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Methiocarb, also called as Mercaptodimethur, is a carbamate pesticide used in agriculture as insecticides and herbicides.
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Crystalline solid
OMS93; 3,5-Dimethyl-4-(methylsulfanyl)phenyl methylcarbamate; 3,5-dimethyl-4-(methylthio)-phenomethylcarbamate; 3,5-dimethyl-4-methylmercaptophenyl-n-methyl-carbamate; 3,5-Dimethyl-4-methylthiophenyl N-methylcarbamate; 3,5-Dimethyl-4-methyl-thiophenyl-N-carba
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1.03 g/cm3
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1.Effects of currently used pesticides in assays for estrogenicity, androgenicity, and aromatase activity in vitro.
Andersen HR1, Vinggaard AM, Rasmussen TH, Gjermandsen IM, Bonefeld-Jørgensen EC. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2002 Feb 15;179(1):1-12.
Twenty-four pesticides were tested for interactions with the estrogen receptor (ER) and the androgen receptor (AR) in transactivation assays. Estrogen-like effects on MCF-7 cell proliferation and effects on CYP19 aromatase activity in human placental microsomes were also investigated. Pesticides (endosulfan, methiocarb, methomyl, pirimicarb, propamocarb, deltamethrin, fenpropathrin, dimethoate, chlorpyriphos, dichlorvos, tolchlofos-methyl, vinclozolin, iprodion, fenarimol, prochloraz, fosetyl-aluminum, chlorothalonil, daminozid, paclobutrazol, chlormequat chlorid, and ethephon) were selected according to their frequent use in Danish greenhouses. In addition, the metabolite mercaptodimethur sulfoxide, the herbicide tribenuron-methyl, and the organochlorine dieldrin, were included. Several of the pesticides, dieldrin, endosulfan, methiocarb, and fenarimol, acted both as estrogen agonists and androgen antagonists. Prochloraz reacted as both an estrogen and an androgen antagonist.
2.Suicidal poisoning with mercaptodimethur-morphological findings and toxicological analysis.
Thierauf A1, Gnann H, Bohnert M, Vennemann B, Auwärter V, Weinmann W. Int J Legal Med. 2009 Jul;123(4):327-31. doi: 10.1007/s00414-008-0313-8. Epub 2009 Jan 16.
In the western countries, the number of fatal intoxications with plant protecting agents has decreased to some extent due to laws restricting the use of highly toxic pesticides like halogenated hydrocarbons. Nevertheless, in consideration of the easy availability of most plant protectants, the small fraction of such fatalities among suicides and intoxications is astonishing. An 80-year-old woman died of an intoxication with methiocarb (mercaptodimethur), a carbamate type pesticide and as such a reversible inhibitor of the acetylcholinesterase. The case is presented because it is the first explicit report on a fatal poisoning of a human with methiocarb. The methiocarb concentrations detected were 6,100 microg/g in stomach content, 4.0 microg/ml in heart blood, 11 microg/g in kidney, 1.9 microg/ml in urine, 25 microg/g in liver, 2 microg/g in bile and 2.5 microg/g in brain tissue.
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CAS 2032-65-7 Methiocarb

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