m27,3'-OGP3G (ARCA Cap Analog) - solution
Category: Nucleotides
Molecular Formula:
C22H31N10O18P3(free acid)
Molecular Weight:
816.46 (free acid)
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≥ 98 % by HPLC
Related CAS:
400806-46-4, 400806-60-2 (Trisodium salt)
clear aqueous solution
mG(5')ppp(5')G; P; -(5'-(3'-O-methyl)-7-methyl-guanosyl) P; -(5'-(guanosyl))triphosphate, Sodium salt
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C8-Alkyne-dUTP can be incorporated into DNA by PCR with family B polymerases to produce modified DNA.

CAS 327174-86-7 5-Methyl-CTP

(CAS: 327174-86-7)

5-Methyl-CTP is a derivative of Cytidine, which is found in ribonucleic acids of animals, plants and bacteria. 5-Methyl-CTP in liver emulsion can inhibit the gr...

CAS 917567-60-3 N3-Phenacyl-UDP

(CAS: 917567-60-3)

CAS 51464-82-5 6-Methylthio-ITP

(CAS: 51464-82-5)

CAS 102814-08-4 dUTP solution - Sodium Salt

dUTP solution - Sodium Salt
(CAS: 102814-08-4)

dUTP has been found to be useful in the studies of distribution, specificity and kinetics of dUTPase.

dNTP Mix / 25 mM

An equimolar (25 nm) mixture solution of ultrapure dATP, dCTP, dGTP and dTTP.

CAS 139307-94-1 8-Oxo-dGTP

(CAS: 139307-94-1)

8-Oxo-dGTP can increase the rate of genetic mutation via interfering with the function of nucleic acids. A clastogen is a specific mutagen that causes breaks in...

CAS 3130-39-0 N6-Methyl-ATP

(CAS: 3130-39-0)

N6-Methyl-ATP, a base modified analog of adenosine, is able to substitute for ATP in some biological systems. Besides, N6-Methyl-ATP is a potent agonist for P2Y...

CAS 16595-02-1 dITP - lyophilized

dITP - lyophilized
(CAS: 16595-02-1)

The lyophilized form of dITP. dITP is a deoxyribonucleotide that can be incorporated into DNA by polymerases. dITP exist in all cells but the concentration is v...

CAS 7075-11-8 ara-Cytidine-5'-monophosphate (ara-CMP)

ara-Cytidine-5'-monophosphate (ara-CMP)
(CAS: 7075-11-8)

Ara-Cytidine-5'-monophosphate (ara-CMP) is a derivative of Cytarabine, a potent cytotoxic-antiviral nucleoside.

Chemical Structure

CAS  m27,3'-OGP3G (ARCA Cap Analog) - solution

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