LY 293284 - CAS 141318-62-9
Catalog number: 141318-62-9
Category: Inhibitor
Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
5-HT Receptor
LY-293284 is a Serotonin 1A receptor agonist developed by Eli Lilly. It is a selective 5-HT1A receptor full agonist. LY-293284 is far more selective for 5-HT1A with over 1000x selectivity over other serotonin receptor subtypes and other targets. No development was reported for the treatment of Anxiety disorders and Major depressive disorder.
Soluble in DMSO
-20°C Freezer
Anxiety disorders; Major depressive disorder
Quality Standard:
In-house standard
Shelf Life:
2 month in rt, long time
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Current Developer:
Eli Lilly; Nonindustrial source
1.Re-evaluation of lisuride pharmacology: 5-hydroxytryptamine1A receptor-mediated behavioral effects overlap its other properties in rats.
Marona-Lewicka D;Kurrasch-Orbaugh DM;Selken JR;Cumbay MG;Lisnicchia JG;Nichols DE Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2002 Oct;164(1):93-107. Epub 2002 Jul 19.
RATIONALE: ;There is substantial evidence that lisuride can produce effects linked to 5-HT(1A) receptor occupancy. Nevertheless, this action has generally been ignored in the mechanism of action of lisuride, in favor of an exclusive role for dopamine receptors in considering its antiparkinsonian effects, or an exclusive role of 5-HT(2A/2C) receptor activation in hallucinogenesis. These conclusions are surprising when one considers that the potent interaction of lisuride with 5-HT(1A) receptors has been demonstrated in several different laboratories and that activation of 5-HT(1A) and 5-HT(1B) receptors can modulate dopaminergically mediated responses.;OBJECTIVE: ;The lack of full substitution of lisuride for lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) in drug discrimination experiments and induction of a pronounced 5-HT syndrome by this compound at relatively low doses convinced us to execute two series of experiments that might explain the primary mechanism responsible for lisuride-mediated biological effects and its paradoxical classification as a dopamine agonist in the literature.;RESULTS: ;In drug discrimination studies, lisuride fully mimicked the 5-HT(1A) agonist LY 293284, only partially substituted for LSD and DOI, and failed to substitute for (+)-amphetamine.
2.Pharmacological characterization of LY293284: A 5-HT1A receptor agonist with high potency and selectivity.
Foreman MM;Fuller RW;Rasmussen K;Nelson DL;Calligaro DO;Zhang L;Barrett JE;Booher RN;Paget CJ Jr;Flaugh ME J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 1994 Sep;270(3):1270-81.
(-)-LY293284, (-)-4R-6-acetyl-4-(di-n-propylamino)1,3,4,5- tetrahydrobenz[c,d]indole, is a conformationally restricted tryptamine derivative with an acetyl group serving as a protophilic substitution for the hydroxyl in serotonin (5-HT). In ligand displacement studies, LY293284 had a Ki of 0.07 nM for the 5-HT1A receptor but no affinity for other monoaminergic receptors within 3 orders of magnitude. LY293284 was evaluated in in vivo models, which have been used as markers for presynaptic and postsynaptic 5-HT1A receptor activity. LY293284 decreased hypothalamic 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid levels (ED50, 2.9 micrograms/kg s.c.) and dorsal raphe serotonergic neuron firing rate (ED50, 0.08 micrograms/kg s.c.), which are accepted indices of presynaptic activity. LY293284 also induced a reduction in body temperature in rats (ED50, 3.6 micrograms/kg s.c.), which was blocked by pretreatment with (+/-)-pindolol. Hypothermic responses of rats to 5-HT1A agonists have had both pre- and postsynaptic characteristics in previous studies. The ED50 values for 8-hydroxy-2-(di-n-propylamino)-tetralin (8-OH-DPAT) in these tests were 15 to 45 times higher than those observed for LY293284. In models for postsynaptic activity, the ED50 for LY293284 for elevating serum corticosterone levels was 9.
3.Thieno[3,2-b]- and thieno[2,3-b]pyrrole bioisosteric analogues of the hallucinogen and serotonin agonist N,N-dimethyltryptamine.
Blair JB;Marona-Lewicka D;Kanthasamy A;Lucaites VL;Nelson DL;Nichols DE J Med Chem. 1999 Mar 25;42(6):1106-11.
The synthesis and biological activity of 6-[2-(N, N-dimethylamino)ethyl]-4H-thieno[3,2-b]pyrrole (3a) and 4-[2-(N, N-dimethylamino)ethyl]-6H-thieno[2,3-b]pyrrole (3b), thienopyrroles as potential bioisosteres of N,N-dimethyltryptamine (1a), are reported. Hallucinogen-like activity was evaluated in the two-lever drug discrimination paradigm using LSD- and DOI-trained rats. Neither 3a nor 3b substituted for LSD or DOI up to doses of 50 micromol/kg. By comparison, 1a fully substituted in LSD-trained rats. However, 3a and 3b fully substituted for the 5-HT1A agonist LY293284 ((-)-(4R)-6-acetyl-4-(di-n-propylamino)-1,3,4, 5-tetrahydrobenz[c,d]indole). Both 3a and 3b induced a brief "serotonin syndrome" and salivation, an indication of 5-HT1A receptor activation. At the cloned human 5-HT2A receptor 3b had about twice the affinity of 3a. At the cloned human 5-HT2B and 5-HT2C receptors, however, 3a had about twice the affinity of 3b. Therefore, thiophene lacks equivalence as a replacement for the phenyl ring in the indole nucleus of tryptamines that bind to 5-HT2 receptor subtypes and possess LSD-like behavioral effects. Whereas both of the thienopyrroles had lower affinity than the corresponding 1a at 5-HT2 receptors, 3a and 3b had significantly greater affinity than 1a at the 5-HT1A receptor.
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