Levosulpiride - CAS 23672-07-3
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Category: Inhibitor
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Dopamine Receptor
Levosulpiride is a selective antagonist for D2 dopamine receptors used as an antipsychotic and prokinetic agent.Levosulpiride is used in the treatment of psychoses, particularly negative symptoms of schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, dysthymia, vertigo, dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome and premature ejaculation.
(S)-(-)-Sulpiride; (S)(-)Sulpiride; (S) (-) Sulpiride;
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1.Herbal medicine treatment for drug-induced parkinsonism.
Shim YH1, Park JY, Choi WW, Min IK, Park SU, Jung WS, Moon SK, Park JM, Ko CN, Cho KH, Cho SY. J Altern Complement Med. 2015 May;21(5):273-80. doi: 10.1089/acm.2014.0124. Epub 2015 Apr 20.
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the role of herbal medicine in drug-induced parkinsonism (DIP) and identify an optimal treatment approach.
2.Combination of capillary electrophoresis, molecular modeling and NMR to study the enantioselective complexation of sulpiride with double cyclodextrin systems.
Melani F1, Pasquini B2, Caprini C2, Gotti R3, Orlandini S4, Furlanetto S5. J Pharm Biomed Anal. 2015 Oct 10;114:265-71. doi: 10.1016/j.jpba.2015.05.031. Epub 2015 Jun 1.
The enantioselective complexation of sulpiride by a number of cyclodextrins (CDs) was deeply investigated by different techniques with the aim of evaluating the role of the used chiral selectors involved in the enantioseparation of the eutomer levosulpiride (S-SUL) and its dextro-isomer by capillary electrophoresis (CE). A CE method was previously developed with the aim of determining the optical purity of S-SUL and was based on the use of a dual cyclodextrin system, made by sulfated-β-cyclodextrin (SβCD) and methyl-β-cyclodextrin (MβCD). In this paper, a molecular modeling study made it possible to explain the different affinity of sulpiride enantiomers for several CDs, which had been tested during the early phase of CE method development. The potential and the gain energy of the inclusion complexes between the enantiomers and neutral and charged CDs were calculated on the minimized conformations. The calculated docking energies indicated that the most stable complexes were effectively obtained with SβCD and MβCD.
3.Pharmacokinetics of levosulpiride after single and multiple intramuscular administrations in healthy Chinese volunteers.
Gong C1, Agbokponto JE1, Yang W1, Simpemba E1, Zheng X1, Zhang Q2, Ding L1. Acta Pharm Sin B. 2014 Oct;4(5):402-7. doi: 10.1016/j.apsb.2014.06.001. Epub 2014 Jul 3.
The main purpose of this study was to evaluate the pharmacokinetics of levosulpiride in humans after single and multiple intramuscular injections. Six males and six females received single dose of either 25 mg or 50 mg levosulpiride, or multiple doses of 25 mg every 12 h for 5 consecutive days. In the single 25 mg study, the mean peak plasma concentration (C max) was 441 ng/mL, the mean area under the concentration-time curve from 0 to 36 h (AUC0-36) was 1724 ng h/mL, and the mean elimination half-life (t 1/2) was 7.0 h. In the single 50 mg study, the mean C max was 823 ng/mL, the mean AUC0-36 was 3748 ng·h/mL, and the mean t 1/2 was 6.8 h. After multiple doses of 25 mg levosulpiride, the average plasma concentration (C av) was 136 ng/mL, the fluctuation index (DF) was 3.60, and the accumulation ratio (R) was 1.2. Levosulpiride injections appeared to be well tolerated by the subjects, and can be used for successive administration.
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CAS 23672-07-3 Levosulpiride

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