Ledipasvir D-tartrate - CAS 1502654-87-6
Catalog number: 1502654-87-6
Category: Inhibitor
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Against JFH1/3a-NS5A, DCV was more potent (EC(50) = 0.52 nM) than GS-5885 (EC(50) = 141 nM). DCV sensitivity was increased against JFH1/3a-NS5A-M28V (EC50 = 0.006 nM), A30V (EC(50) = 0.012 nM), and E92A (EC(50) = 0.004 nM) while the NS5A-A30K and -Y93H variants exhibited reduced sensitivity to DCV (EC50 values of 23 nM and 1120 nM, respectively) and to GS-5885 (EC50 values of 1770 nM and 4300 nM, respectively). GS-5885 was well tolerated and resulted in median maximal reductions in HCV RNA ranging from 2.3 log(10) IU/ml (1 mg QD) to 3.3 log(10) IU/ml (10 mg QD in genotype 1b and 30 mg QD). E(max) modeling indicated GS-5885 30 mg was associated with>95% of maximal antiviral response to HCV genotype 1a. HCV RNA reductions were generally more sustained among patients with genotype 1b vs. 1a. Three of 60 patients had a reduced response and harbored NS5A-resistant virus at baseline. NS5A sequencing identified residues 30 and 31 in genotype 1a, and 93 in genotype 1b as the predominant sites of mutation following GS-5885 dosing. Plasma pharmacokinetics was consistent with QD dosing.
GS-5885 D-tartrate; GS 5885 D-tartrate; GS5885 D-tartrate
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CAS 1502654-87-6 Ledipasvir D-tartrate

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Against JFH1/3a-NS5A, DCV was more potent (EC(50) = 0.52 nM) than GS-5885 (EC(50) = 141 nM). DCV sensitivity was increased against JFH1/3a-NS5A-M28V (EC50 = 0.0...

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CAS 1502654-87-6 Ledipasvir D-tartrate

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