L-alanine-3-13C - CAS 65163-25-9
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L-alanine-3-13C is a labelled L-alanine. Alanine is one of the non-essential amino acids for humans. Alanine is the key compound in glucose-alanine cycle.
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98% by HPLC; 99% atom 13C
Related CAS:
56-41-7 (unlabelled)
(2S)-2-aminopropanoic acid-3-13C
Canonical SMILES:
1.Gliotoxins disrupt alanine metabolism and glutathione production in C6 glioma cells: a 13C NMR spectroscopic study.
Brennan L1, Hewage C, Malthouse JP, McBean GJ. Neurochem Int. 2004 Dec;45(8):1155-65.
Gliotoxins are a group of amino acids that are toxic to astrocytes, and are substrates of high-affinity sodium-dependent glutamate transporters. In the present study, C6 glioma cells were preincubated for 20 h in the presence of 400 microM L-alpha-aminoadipate, L-serine-O-sulphate, D-aspartate or L-cysteate, as well as in the presence of the poorly transported L-glutamate uptake inhibitor, L-anti-endo-methanopyrrolidine dicarboxylate. In experiments following [3-13C]alanine metabolism, all toxins caused a decreased incorporation of label into glutamate. Production of labelled lactate changed only when cells were incubated in the presence of L-alpha-aminoadipate or L-serine-O-sulphate. Incubation with L-anti-endo-methanopyrrolidine dicarboxylate caused no change in the amount of label incorporated into either glutamate or lactate. When glutathione production was followed using 1 mM [2-13C]glycine, differential effects of the gliotoxins were revealed.
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CAS 65163-25-9 L-alanine-3-13C

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