Kongensin A acetate
Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
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CAS 142299-73-8 Teuvincenone H

Teuvincenone H
(CAS: 142299-73-8)

Teuvincenone H is extracted from the herbs of Teucrium polium ssp. expansum.

CAS 39388-57-3 Kamebanin

(CAS: 39388-57-3)

Kamebanin, a natural diterpenoid found in the herbs of the herbs of Rabdosia excisa (Maxim.)Hara, exhibits the activity of antibacterial. Kamebanin has efficien...

CAS 32752-29-7 Phorbol 13-acetate

Phorbol 13-acetate
(CAS: 32752-29-7)

Phorbol 13-acetate is extracted from the roots of Euphorbia pekinensis Rupr. It is used as a reference compound for studying 12-deacylation of phorbol 12-myrist...

Norcaesalpinin E
(CAS: 854038-96-3)

Norcaesalpinin E is a natural diterpenoid compound found in several plants.

CAS 219749-76-5 Taxezopidine L

Taxezopidine L
(CAS: 219749-76-5)

Taxezopidine L is extracted from the seeds of the Japanese yew Taxus cuspidata Sieb. et Zucc. It could inhibit Ca2+-induced depolymerization of microtubules rem...

CAS 76475-16-6 Galeopsin

(CAS: 76475-16-6)

Galeopsin is extracted from the aerial parts of Leonurus heterophyllus SW. It could inhibit pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-α. It has potential anti-proliferative...

CAS 127-27-5 Pimaric acid

Pimaric acid
(CAS: 127-27-5)

Pimaric acid isolated from the herbs of Aralia cordata. It can be exploited for therapeutic application in oral microbial infections.

CAS 6790-58-5 Ambrox

(CAS: 6790-58-5)

Ambrox is obtained from ambergris produced by sperm whales. It is an autoxidation product of ambrein and is a naturally occurring terpenoid. It is also one of t...

CAS 1169806-00-1 Sculponeatin O

Sculponeatin O
(CAS: 1169806-00-1)

Sculponeatin O comes from the herbs of Rabdosia amethystoides

Aphadilactone B
(CAS: 1522004-68-7)

Aphadilactone B is a natural diterpenoid compound found in several plants.

CAS 98891-41-9 Pseudolaric acid B-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside

Pseudolaric acid B-O-beta-D-glucopyranos
(CAS: 98891-41-9)

Pseudolaric acid B-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside can be found in the root bark of Pseudolarix amabilis.

CAS 85287-60-1 Sculponeatin A

Sculponeatin A
(CAS: 85287-60-1)

Sculponeatin A can be extracted from the herbs of Rabdosia amethystoides.

CAS 849245-34-7 Chinensine B

Chinensine B
(CAS: 849245-34-7)

Chinensine B, also called 16-Hydroxylabda-8(17),11,13-trien-15,16-olide, is a natural diterpenoid isolated from the rhizoma of Alpinia chinensis.

Borapetoside D
(CAS: 151200-48-5)

CAS 138965-88-5 Isocoronarin D

Isocoronarin D
(CAS: 138965-88-5)

Isocoronarin D is a natural diterpenoid found in the rhizomes of Hedychium coronarium, it shows the highest Hb F induction effect of 1.6-fold at 20 microM.

Jatrophane 6
(CAS: 210108-90-0)

Jatrophane 6 is a natural diterpenoid compound found in several plants.

CAS 349534-73-2 Dodonolide

(CAS: 349534-73-2)

Dodonolide is a natural diterpenoid found in the herbs of Dodonaea viscosa.

Triptoquinone B
(CAS: 142937-50-6)

Triptoquinone B, also called 19-Hydroxy-8,12-abietadiene-3,11,14-trione, is a natural diterpenoid found in the vines of Tripterygium wilfordii. 19-Hydroxy-8,12-...

CAS 82508-36-9 Deacetylpseudolaric acid C2

Deacetylpseudolaric acid C2
(CAS: 82508-36-9)

Deacetylpseudolaric acid C2 isolated from the root bark of Pseudolarix amabilis.

CAS 3650-31-5 Agatholal

(CAS: 3650-31-5)

Agatholal is a natural diterpenoid found in the barks of Pinus yunnanensis, it exhibits the activity of cytotoxic.

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