Kaolin - CAS 68515-07-1
Kaolin is commonly used for dehumidifying in products which can't use oil seal or gaseous phase to seal up for keeping.
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(CAS: 95912-86-0)

Coco-caprylate/caprate is an emollient used in topical formulation for patients with sensitive skin.

CAS 112-62-9 Oleic acid methyl ester

Oleic acid methyl ester
(CAS: 112-62-9)

Oleic acid methyl ester is a monounsaturated fatty acid that can be used as a dietary supplement, and also an intermediate of detergent, emulsifier, and stabili...

CAS 133-37-9 DL-Tartaric Acid

DL-Tartaric Acid
(CAS: 133-37-9)

DL-Tartaric Acid is used as an antioxidant and an additive agent to give a sour taste.

CAS 31566-31-1 Glycerol monostearate

Glycerol monostearate
(CAS: 31566-31-1)

Glycerol monostearate can be used as an emulsifier, an anti-caking and thickening agent.

CAS 7647-14-5 Sodium Chloride

Sodium Chloride
(CAS: 7647-14-5)

Sodium Chloride is used to configure saline medically, and it can be used for condiments in life.

CAS 26266-57-9 Sorbitan Palmitate (Span 40)

Sorbitan Palmitate (Span 40)
(CAS: 26266-57-9)

Sorbitan Palmitate can be used as an emulsifier and nonionic surfactant in pharmaceutical formulations.

(CAS: 474922-20-8)

DSPE-PEG 2000-COOH is DSPE-PEG 2000 with a carboxylic acid. It can be used for PEG-biochemical conjugation, and be utilized in micelles, liposomes, and other li...

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